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Book inspirit – Most Wonderful and life changing books!

Aloha wonder!
These Books are transforming millions of lifes to the next level of peace, happiness, love and real, personal success! That´s Beyond life changing, they will help you evolve, i can promise.

Discover, how you create this life to the best version! Jump a level up, for your self evolution, aswell as the collective metamorphosis.​


I think books and Movies, or Documentaries are the most powerful instruments of positive change and our collective evolution. I am so glad and thankful, that we got all this informations and wonderful humans creating and spreading this transformative instruments!

That´s what a metamorphosis is, from a caterpillar to a wonderful butterfly.. Our journey, even if you feel sometimes just like a caterpillar under Billions… Learn to see, believe and trust life… The Universe. 

You are a drop in the tsunami of positive change! In this massive and phenomenal miracles, i love so much… called Gaias Oceans, where all life began… 

Here you will see a wonderful video about 7 phenomenal books, what is already super helpful and eye opening ♥

You can (not yet :D), easy click on the names and go to the book description 

At the end i share a few of my favorite and most transforming books! (Aswell with trailer or description)


Discover the power of now – to live in the presence, without depending or worrying about future or past! 

Forgiving, love, selflessness, oneness, wonder and conscoiusness.

Improve your relationships, be fully in peace with yourself and your environment and start really living full in each moment <3 

  1. The Power of Now – eckhart
  2. Think and grow rich – Napoleon …
  3. Ask and it is Given – Esther+Jerry – abraham hicks
  4. The Power of Intention
  5. A New Earth – eckhart
  6. Don´t sweat the small stuff – Principles to see problems as teachers 
  7.  Mens search for meaning – viktor frankle

I promise, you will have incredible results of a better understanding, peace, love, motivation and life purpose 


"It´s been said, that the person you will become, depends on the Books you read and the people you surround yourself with today."

It depends on what you are feeding your self this moment and every day! 

One more tipp, if you got no time for full books! I show you the solution for that!

I got so much aha moments and amazing knowledge and wisdom just from Blinkist and storyshots! Summaries from the bestselling, non-fiction books!

That helped me so much, because i also don´t have the time while i work, to read a lot! Best solution for busy or lazy dudes, who wanna grow and learn aswell, but in a quick and time saving way 😉

take just the core message in summaries!

f you want to get the key knowledge and wisdom out of bestseller books, in short summaries, have a look to these game changing companies, because thats exactly what they´re doing!

  • Storyshots (free – summaries, full audiobooks and Videos sometimes!) 
  • Blinkist (paid, but super professional summaries and a huge library already – I love it!)
  • Z-Library –> E-book online library for free books – How amazing is that?! 

Life will alwas give you, what you need the most to grow – trust and have faith, by following your heart! Life happens for you, wonder ♥

See the obstacles as the way – everything happens for a reason and that is a core message! 

Live in kindness and forgiveness <3 

Some of my personal favorites:

Dr Joe Dispenza – you are the placebo, supernatural, a new self
sadhguru – inner engineering – Weisheit eines yogis
– the alchemist – paolo coehlo
– the four agreements – Jorge bucay
– the why cafe —> das cafe der fragen
– the big five for life – john strelecky (www.jsandfriends.com) 


Some other highly reckommendet ones from friends and the world:

– The power of your subconscious mind – joseph murphy

– Ram das
– the celestine prophecy
– the prophet


What are your favorite Books, Docos, Videos?

I forgot some for sure, but thats some of the most incredible books.

For our global metamorphosis my lovely friends!



♥♥Principles of happiness and the highly life changing and eye opening “celestine Prophecy, full audiobook



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