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My favorite Lions Mane and Superfood Essentials for Cognitive Super Performance

Straight up my favorite brain superbooster and secret hacks for long lasting energy, brain enhancement and prevention of dementia, altsheimers and cognitive decline… through lions mane, ginseng, ginko, vitamins and other superfoods.

First Healthy milestone for coffee addicts

Heard about cardamom blendet with coffee? Yes, thats good, but add lions mane mushrooms, l-theanine, alpha GpC and youre the fountain of youth, spreading with ideas and creativity.

Lions Mane Keys

Different compounds in lion’s mane can suppress or enhance immune activity and inflammation. In one study, lion’s mane suppressed pro-inflammatory factors in vitro. In another, beta-glucans upregulated the innate immune response. It’s unclear yet what this means for immune function or what the best use case would be.

Australias most potent lions mane mushrooms they say 😉

  • The most potent Lion’s Mane in Australia (scroll down to see why)
  • May protect against degenerative brain diseases
  • Great for improving mood, anxiety, concentration and memory
  • Does not leave Australia at any point in the process
  • A wholefood not a cheap extract (scroll down to find out why this is so much better).
  • Beta-glucans >10% (extremely high)
  • Still not sure? Read the reviews

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