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Motivating Videos – uplifting inspiration – the positive, empowering Collection

The sustainably inspiring, highly motivating VIDEO COLLECTION, wir incredible speeches to start your day right, create amazing, positive habits and inner peace recipes. Inspiration to truly empower positive changes, open new perspectives and open your mind to all possibilities this life has for you – lifting the fog – finding our own path ☯️??

Aloha wonderful being!

Here I share short and simple just my list with the most inspiring and motivating videos and empowering speeches with amazing, wise personalities like:

– Dr. Wayne dyer, Oprah Winfrey, abraham/esther hicks… Joe Rogan, Morgan freeman, Tony r.,

Aswell as my YouTube playlists with the most amazing and eye opening collections to create a totally new, successful, truly happy and peaceful life

1. Motivational Videos – My FIRST article with A few incredible Videos + Motivation speeches – collection: ARTICLE with-LIFE-CHANGING-VIDEOS


Incredibly empowering Motivational videos and speeche

2. Youtube Motivation Playlists – with amazing, empowering inspiration for life!

Don´t die with your music still in you! – We all got a heroic mission – a purpose to fullfill here!

Don´t be afraid to listen to that inner music and march to it! “

Wonderful Dr. Wayne dyer
  1. My Nr. 1 Playlist – Most amazing, empowering motivation videos +affirmations and positive, life changing habits
  2. My playlist – inspiration-Motivation-most amazing
  3. Mixed playlist-don’t allow yourself to be controlled
  4. Mix: Be your change – Be present – create memories that last forever- Live!

Every challenge is there to grow and learn – everything happens for us – to evolve

There is no failure – just falling forward!

Happiness is the way not a goal – the obstacle is the goal

– Personal succes – happiness on the way

– focusing what i love and want in life! – Life changing motivation, inspiring speeches and presentations

Most uplifting! I listen to it every day and keep the most important things in presence!

Discover, Learn, connect and create the best version of yourself, the version you want to see tomorrow. With these life changing resources for your highest potentials and a new thinking and life! Building your future right now – let go of conditions and let´s live fully! Stuff that will inspire you with positive changes and empower uplifting vibes for a blossoming future!

– Creating real happiness, personal success, self love and create best version of our self! <3

– Create a powerful morning routine – create an attitude of gratitude and happiness ?☀️?☀️?☀️?☀️?☀️?☀️??

Namaste wonderful friends and beings, walk to your inner musical!