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Movie Collection that made me to the earth lover i am today

Youtube playlists here – Most Life changing Movies – Documentaries – positive change inspiration – re-generation

Movies that changed my life – Inspiration for Hope and motivating towards positive, global change!

Aloha and welcome to this inspiration, that can change your life and our global situation towards a regenerative and more healthy, simple, happy and harmonic one.

Do you want good changes in the world happen? And do you want to be part of these amazing, world healing story? Then you´re definetly right here, my friend!

All of what i share is to spread awareness, and help creating a more sustainable and healthy mindset and life style choices for everyones life and our collective, sustainable evolution, how i love to call it.

Do you also love watching wonderful, mindblowing and inspiring movies that totally change the way you think and see things?! 

Then get your mind blown my playlists on youtube and the Movie lists In this article.

Let´s gather together and create positive ripple effects and join the tsunami of positive change! 

Enjoy, wonder! 

Kindly, your bearded Benny  

The Movielist – For collective health and a regenerative future for us all – It is possible!

Cowspiracy – the sustainability secret – incredible short version facts to just lovely blow your mind  

This 15 Minutes give you unbelievable facts about the huge distruction of our planet and truth about the health of dairy and meat! Be warned, it´s really shocking, but eye opening

  1. Cowspiracy – Full Movie – I think its my number one and the most shocking, eye opening and crucial movie to inspire everyone with the heart breaking truth – motivation by realisation and reconnection to our nature and the lies they serve us for profit…
  2. Game changers – Trailer – “It is a big marketing and industry who earns with sick people!” Arnie Schwarzenegger –> How a Plant based diet boosts our system, with the best energy, reverses heart deseasesprevents and heals cancer, diabetesaltsheimer etc. –>  showing us, how the worlds strongest and best athelets are plant based – Not only how they got better after changing to Vegan, but how science proves and blood tests show the ugly truth, what meat and chicken, dairy and protein fats do to your system!
  3. Game changers – Full movie – (2019 – w. arnold schwarzenegger)  – most eye opening studies and science, plus stories from the worlds best and strongest athlets! 
  4. What the health – Full documentary – What the …hell is really going on?! <3 
  5. H.O.P.E. – What you eat matters <3 – a new and uncovering documentaries, uncovering and revealing the truth about our industries, the lies they serve us and how we can change that, by changing our diet
  6. Vegan – the Film –> Amazing movie for the health movement and sustainable evolution – with eye opening studies, health issues and relations between missinformation etc.
  7. Food Matters – Trailer
  8. The truth about our food with Food inc. Filmmaker Robert kennet 

Mind blowing Vegan transformations – Let be food your medicine!

Related Movies 
–> Also truly changed my perspective and blew my mind for positive change directly!

Youtube films

The true cost – about the fast fashion industry and the horrible threats to nature, humans and our planet! – We pay the true cost, because of the microplastic, pollution and damage to our ecosystem – BUT THERE IS HOPE

What people say about these movies:

“Literally going vegan after this. I have been having an urge to go vegan but this just did it for me. This makes me so sad, shit.”

Facts and Quotes from the Movies:

  • The food industry has interests in the pharmaceutical industry. They may sell us fast food cheaper but they make us pay later on medication.

We all deserve a poison-free and healthy life without lies!

You can use this tools to discover the truth and create a good and healthy lifestyle and mindset… or even not 

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