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Movies and Movements to Get Hope – Spread Love and Be Solution

Hello Wonder!

Together, we can, and we will change the course of history. 

In this Article, i want to share some of The most wonderful movies, which created movements of positive change. 

Tell everyone you know to go watch this film right now for free at (until the 14th of September)

Ripple effects of solutionary networks and Projects got created!… See it yourself, enjoy yourself and get hope, spread love and solution.

Let’s connect and evolve together…

What are your favorite movies, books or things that changed your life to the better? Inspired positive changes or directed you to more health? Share with us in the comments or per email:

You don’t need me to tell you that our film The Need To GROW is more urgent now than it’s ever been. 

With all that’s going on in the world, I decided to reopen the film once again for a worldwide global screening event – and we need YOUR help!

The Need To GROW will screen for free everywhere in the world from September 9th – September 14th. 

Spreading Hope and Solution empowerment With The most heart warming, life changing and eye opening movies - Free to stream NOW!

As you maybe know, The Need To GROW and other  phenomenal movies, bring an urgent message that the world really needs right now!

I’m also so grateful to have you with us on our team Pro Planet, to ensure that as many people on Earth as possible watch for free between now and Sept 14th. 

The email i got from the Team of The need to grow:


The success of this independent film has always relied on word-of-mouth and grassroots marketing. 

That’s where you come in! Please stand with us by telling your friends and loved ones that this is an inspiring story, not focused on doom-and-gloom, but showcasing heartwarming characters and powerful solutions.

You can also give this link to people you know, so they can sign up and join in the free screening between September 9 – 14:

If you’ve watched, you know how important and inspiring the ideas, people, and solutions in the film are for the future of humanity. 

Not only is our planet’s farmable soil running out at an alarming rate, but in these last few months, the fragility of our centralized, toxic, destructive, food systems, has increasingly become impossible to ignore.

Food bank lines have stretched for miles, and fewer and fewer families are able to feed their children a nutritious meal….

Its Time for Action my friends – NOW <3 mdddddd

#The Need To Grow – Trailer – That opened my eyes and heart instantly! Thus heart warming acceleration of regeneration –> 

The link to the free Screening –

Zoonia “Life in four Seasons” – Trailer for your personal evolution – our evolution <3

Free screening here 




Life in four seasons…

Watch it – wonder and let’s change our lives to the best version.

4 years, over 3,000 volunteers and thousands of hours of work.

That’s what it took to create Life in 4 Seasons, a film that’s close to my heart and to my home country Bulgaria. My vision for this film was to inspire people to overcome their struggles when the odds are stacked against them…

And take a leap of faith instead of giving up.”

Click Here for my Youtube Playlist with the most amazing Documentaries. 

The most wonderfully, eye opening movies that created movements of positive change. Ripple effects of solutionary networks and Projects… See yourself, enjoy yourself and get hope, spread love and solution.

Get Hope – Spread Love – We are Solution 

  • From Innovations, Solutions and the most amazing Projects
  • Large scale regeneration, 
  • Desertgreening, Food forests
  • The great green wall and
  • so many more wonderful projects!

A Simpler way – Crisis as chance

How we create abundance and positive change out of crisis and challenges. 

Hope – What you eat matters

You and i make the difference, by our daily actions…

Use your life Wisely <3 

The Worlds largest Permaculture Project in India! 

About the need to grow and Action Together

Solutions to apply now – Healing – Profitable – Sustainable and Regenerative

This films are not just about hope. They’re about changing the conversation to focus on the solutions that already exist. We can build microfarms which grow the most healing foods. We can plant fruit trees and create seed libraries and school gardens in any city. We can build soil regenerating factories that sequester CO2 from what would otherwise rot in a landfill. 

And we can begin gardening, composting our food scraps, and supporting local farmer’s markets right now. 

But we also need our leaders to pay attention to these types of innovations so they can be implemented in areas that need them most. Top-level change only happens when the public demands it. 

Let this film – and your support of sharing this story – be a tool that helps to shift awareness. Together, we can change the course of things, and build a brighter future for our children.

Thank you for being someone who cares about where your food comes from, how it’s grown, and the future of life on this precious planet. And thank you for being an ongoing supporter of this powerful message. 

To a healing future, 

Rob Herring
Director, The Need To GROW / Earth Conscious Life

P.S. A lot of people are feeling overwhelmed these days about the state of environmental and human health. Let’s change that! 

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