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My Best Lions Mane Mushrooms and Superfoods

My favorite lions mane brain superfoods and Australias Nr. 1 Store with the Purest and Best Quality Lions mane Mushroom extract Powder. Find it in capsules, powders, tinctures and Heaps of other amazing Superfoods and Brain tonics, adaptogens and Health Super greens…

Enjoy, Stay healthy, happy and perform at your peak 🙂

  1. Forest Superfoods – Lions Mane – The wonderful Brain enhancer – Nootropic – Altsheimers and dementia Prevention…
  2. Fungi Perfect Products from Paul stamets – At iHerb – Australia
  3. Superfeast
  4. I herb – Top quality + awesome superfoods
  5. lifecykel – No Mycelium, but amazing mushroom Honey and supporting saving the bees Projects and more Heart and Passion in it <3 Founded in 2015, Life Cykel has fast become renowned as ‘mushroom innovators’ that create super high-quality extracts and unique eco-products. With locations in both Australia and the United States, they are a fascinating company with very high standards, great products, and excellent principles.


1. About lions mane for cognitive fperformance and regrowth

Full article and explanations, aswell as recommendation

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is an incredibly potent medicinal mushroom, and sits at the top of the pile with the other heavy hitters like the clinker polyporethe spirit plant and yun zhi.

Exploding in popularity recently due to it’s powerful ‘nootropic‘ brain-enhancing and cognitive-boosting properties, Hericium erinaceus is now potentially the most widely-known natural nootropic available.

Having been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for thousands of years, it’s profile has received a massive boost lately as more clinical studies uncover it’s benefits, and a wide-range of high-level athletes (e.g. Ben Greenfield), ‘biohackers’ (e.g. Dave Asprey), CEO’s (e.g. Tom Bilyeu) and celebrities (e.g. Joe Rogan) adopt it to help improve their performance and productivity.

As the demand medicinal mushrooms have increased, so has the number of companies that now sell it – leading to a flood of products that are poor-quality with low-potency and questionable sourcing.

This article will outline who I believe are the best producers of Lion’s Mane Mushroom, what makes them so good and where you should go to get it (as well as subscriber-only bonus on offer for our readers).


  1. What Is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?
  2. Who Are The Best Producers of Lion’s Mane?

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