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My Top 10 life-enriching Websites ~ Positive Empowerment

Welcome to the most exciting time in human history! Im Benjy the green thumb.

Here my top 10 Life changing Online Resources for individual empowerment, Regenerative Transformations and our collective evolution.

Game changing and life saving

  1. List of amazing websites for positive empowerment ~ connections
    • Regeneration, unity, purpose,
  2. About me ~ from overwhelm to motivated regenerator

I’m Benny sauber (FB LINK) and I was Overwhelmed by negative news before I started intentionally my journey towards solutions, Focusing what I can do and want to learn and regenerative Action started. Around 5 Years ago. Are you also tired of Bought mass -media and too much Crappy news – Here you will get, what I consider Positive change empowerment for everyone!

This Article and Website is on how we make the more beautiful world and future for all life possible. Here are my top life-enriching Resources for positive change and regenerative action. I share with you, what I believe are the world’s most Empowering online resources and platforms for positive change, Regenerative innovation, and sustainable inspiration which can elevate us into higher realms of being and purpose!

Just choose something of the list – Lets be the change, the Solution, the love we need to see to turn the titanic!

You can choose – watch Game-changing Videos and movies – or banging the negative Mainstream media in…

we are breaking the boundaries – we all need to stand up and change the game with our energy, dollars, voice, before its too late!


“Each movement has its strengths and its limitations, which leads to the following proposition: collaboration that interweaves and amplifies the best that each has to offer is our best chance of creating the more beautiful, healthy, and just world we know is possible. We honestly can go further together, and we must — through a movement of movements created at a higher octave; a movement of movements (MoM) birthed from a whole new level of unity-in-diversity, so as to be capable of recreating humanity.”– Jordan Luftig, Chief Learning & Purpose Officer at Twin Peaks Family – mindmap on how we reach 2050

Wonderful online communities, solution libraries and more…

Community Empowerment For a Real Evolution!

Green Thumb – Benny

What Can we do ? Answers to our biggest Challenges – Destructive “war” Industries and food production

Biggest challenges – positive-change-resources-Regenerative-solution-Food production…

Regenerative, holistic living and human evolution. All that changed my life and many others.

What are “regenerative food systems” – A Food System to heal the planet <3

Regenerative food systems

Igniting positive action in us and vulnerable sharings! Hello Fellow Earthlings.

Nr. 1 – Positive Change, Transformation and Interbeingness

We can make the difference – Together!

Online Communities – Finding meaningful connections and staying Positive and constructive together <3

  • Nr 1 – GEN – > Global Ecovillage Network – community of dedicated people for regeneration and positive change.
  • > Online courses, summits, books, and so much more…

Nr 1.2 – Connecting to a online community

Brave new life – a podcast and healsome commUnity – syntropy, agroecology and human ecology…

Nr. 2 – Eyeopener Movies – Heart warming and breaking sometimes – I love movies that educate and Motivate for Positive action!

  • Watch on netflix and youtube:
  • Game changers,
  • Cowspiracy
  • Evolution of ecological consciousness

Platforms with Just movies for positive change, Inspiration and Action for Change

2040 The Regeneration – Succeeds – facebook video <3

-> Search Engine that plants trees and Ecosystems

Ecosia Not GooGle

Naas community – charles eisenstein

Science, freedom, a more beautiful world, interbeing, sacred economics…

A more beautiful world is possible! Discover How we regenerate and thrive – Together <3

Let go, surrender, trust – green thumb

How are we Buiding a sustainable and regenerative culture, thats thriving into the future – in the next couple years!?

See in the following the global Regeneration movements, of people for unity, positive change and inspiration.

We need to create a value based system for regenerative lifestyles and food systems.

  •  >BECOMING A CHANGE MAKER… free online Courses, – action and LIFE CHANGING, FREE courses…

Link-Tree to articles and collections i made, That inspired and empower me most!

Quick insights:

From Regenerative, Global networks, to mind blowing solution libraries, regenerative, game changing… holistic education… Caring comm-unities for OUR Future… And on how we’re finding our real, own truth, passions and tools for a abundant, meaningful life.

  1. Gaia Education is an international NGO that provides students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with knowledge and skills to design a thriving, regenerative society.

“We teach our students how to use energy and resources with greater efficiency, distribute wealth equitably, and make quality of life the focus of future thinking.

Gaia education

The Transition we need to make is possible – see how and discover the worlds most beautiful people

Communities + Movies that became global movements of regenerating ripple effects… 💚

Nr. 1.2 – 1.5 (they are all phenomenally empowering!

About Kiss the Ground

about Regenerative Agriculture, the biggest, most important solution. ALSO network, the movement for soil and earth advocates.

Benjo green thumb
  • > Regenerative Education
  • > ecovillage design courses
  • > change-makers summits
  • > huge solution library from global ecovillages

More… Heart warming and life changing stuff

It’s crazy, to think life gets better, by leaving things as they are and not moving out of our comfort zones. Your Life begins, when you choose to life it!

Finding our individual solutions and innovative ideas… THAT’S positive change Empowerment 🙂

Charles eisensteins + community – together for a new story + a more beautiful world

💚  … Is There Hope for the Planet Among Our Young People?

1.0 > Charles Eisenstein Podcast

Just listened to that – truly life enriching and igniting, eye opening and heart awakening… for me!

The Nr. 1 Platform for Personal development

> life changing Education, Life envisioning, health and wellbeing…

  • – The worlds best and most transformative teachers, leading-edge Education and Health improvement
  • – Yoga, Gaia Education, Mindfulness, Spiritual Evolution

Over 50,000 monthly readers, is where most of our content lives. New notes are posted daily on the very best podcasts we can find. – community building, starting uniting for a cause

  • Connecting to positive change + Action
  • – Solution library –  communities around the world
  • – Regenerative Action and Education
  • –> Online courses, How to build eco- Villages, farming, etc.

The worlds leading personal development platform!

Transformation and unity of body, mind, soul

+ perform with passion, peace, self love and connecting with millions globally!

  1. Www.Mindvalley.Com -> The worlds leading personal development platform in all aspects of life and beyond transformation of humanity
  2. Mindvalleys –> Soulvana app – Meditation, podcasts, healing workshops, sound journeys x3-> Mindvalley #podcast
  3. Greatest, transformative
  4.  Books from Mindvalleys founder – Vishen lakhiani:
    + “the Buddha and the badass” #book
    + “the code of the Extraordinary mind”


  • – is a digital library dedicated to offering you in-depth, high-quality expert talks on a range of health conditions…

Podcasts – Holistic – Independent Education – Personal evolution – Spiritual development

Our Great Transformation Begins Now!

Short amazing education, transformative inspirit – parables and more…

  • Russel brand – The Human experience – 
  • Supersoul – Oprah

Videos from Charles that opened my eyes and help us understand

Most Life changing, eye-opening and motivating stuff!! 

Power of now, Mind and healing through awareness and re-programming

Science proves what spirituality knows since millennials – healing of mind, body soul

Action – Petitions that have amazing positive impacts

–> Positive change – drops create ripple effects

OFFSETTING OUR FOOTPRINT – Flight, Netflix, life:
– green netflix –> – plant nd chill while watching movies 

Charity/- products – supporting good projects

  • 4ocean
  • oceanRevolution + The ocean clean up
  • Ecosia,
  • The ocean clean up 
  • 2040 – the regeneration 

BOOKS by Charles > Website

  • My next reads:
    The Ascent of HumanityThe Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book describes how all the

Other Great, inspiring Books

  • Mastery of love
  • The alchemist
  • The why cafe – john strelecky
  • the four agreements – the fifth agreement
  • the celestine prophecy
  • —> My booklist with links soon – ish 

The Stairway to Sustainable Empowerment

You may also asked yourself or the universe, where are all the good guys, projects, and solutions?! What can I do!?

Well, that’s the answer… There are endless amazing solutions and opportunities. Enjoy the world of positive, game-changing Projects and movements my friends.

For a more sustainable lifestyle, health, happiness, harmony, and our self Evolution. How can I help our Planet heal – Charles Eisenstein Video x3

This here is my stairway to regeneration, which elevates you towards your individual evolution, which also leads to a sustainable paradigm shift, for global healing and human Metamorphosis.

I wanna keep it short, you’ll discover what I mean by collective, sustainable evolution once you check these amazing game-changer and inspiration.

Namaste, in sustainable love, Benny

Welcome to the sustainability journey!

Great work you all! You are part of the solution, by going towards the right, more positive, and sustainable paradigm. It’s all about small, consistent steps, taking you along a better, more sustainable path! – restoration camps and ecovillages in nsw.

Sustainable and conscious living fb group 

Would you like to share your most wonderful, positive resources with me/us? To share the Love and uplifting stuff?! As one big family, with world, Community and positive change ???

Warmest and all the possibly best. Health and love.

Your green thumbed Regeneratling, Benny 

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