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My Favourite Investments and Best info Platforms

Recession proof investments, low risk and proven strategies… tipps and infos for the safest and lowest risk, with the most possible profit for short and longterm.

Aloha I’m Benny, I’m excited to share with you here, a collection of My favourite invests, my Portfolio, and everything I learned and that helps me to win big and risk low. Discover also, why I went from Investing and Trading by myself, To giving it to an Expert trader, who just gets 5% of our Profits, without us needing to do anything… For 30-60% profit Monthly!

He helpes me so much, showed me everything, now i just let his Team do everything without my own hours long research.

-> Lowest Risk, 30-60% Profit/Month and insured (scalping – CFD – Trading) Just try and check it out. Its the greatest opportunity in my eyes. And can make you free.

–> If you want to invest with us, or check it first – Here an article with screenshots, Payouts, my history and the most important links

I CAN GIVE YOU HIS NUMBER AND SCREENSHOTS OF MY HISTORY, PAYOUTS ETC. It’s really the Best and easiest option, he can show you how he’s trading and everything.

With that trading profit i go into – PeakDefi, Crypto, Blockchain, Trading, Stocks and the Decentralised Finance Revolution. (explained later)

The Smart and rich people invest their “Money” in real value. Assets that Win and create Value, don’t lose it, Like the Banks and our “Paper” -Fiat did and will do dramatically…

But we got the amazing solutions

What’s in:

  • Video Intro – About the Article – My conclusion and Little words about…
  • 1. My Number 1 Investment Tipp – Our Expert Trader Pool 30-60% Profit/Month – Insured – No Risk – No worries – I can show you everything.
  • 2. My Portfolio – Investments, Cryptos, The Best Projects and Companies
  • 2. Infos and tips – My favourite investing Info- and News platforms, Crypto channels etc.

Short Video intro about me and about the Article quick 2-3min.

1. (3.45min.) QUICK Intro and Best Tipps, Invitation and my Love to share what helps me to help you.

An Invitation and summary of the Article for you, because we all like watching videos.

  • My Top recommendation, after 4 years Investing, testing and researching.
  • My favourite, safest Invest, for no worries. Pay out at all time… min. 30% Profit a month – but its always higher…
  • About Our Trading Pool + My Broker – with insurance – about the most important things, Platforms, my learnings

Maybe you’re here, because I talked with you already about my invests and my excitement for the amazing opportunities out there with you already… Or you got No time?

Click here —> Go down to My number one Investment conclusion for you. My top pick, from the investing of the last 4 years. (Trading Pool with an expert)

Winning together – Trust is good… But you should just test it by yourself:

Take care, research, connect to experts, Talk to me and spread your invests into more than 1 horse ? (I share my Crypto fund and all invests)

The smart Investor knows, trust is good, Proof feels better 🙂

Everyone likes to listen and Watch videos:

Here are the 4 Parts, I Recorded for you.

  • 2. (2.43min.) – Summary + My conclusion and Inspiration – Invest with Goals, Passion and Love – Know whats success for you.

  • 3. (2.45min) – My nr. 2 – tip for you – -> Mid to longterm Invest – Early-stage investment community – PeakDefi – Join us, But do your own research first 🙂

  • 4. (1.12minutes.) – About More Risk – More time invest –> Many amazing Projects – My PortfolioInvest and forget – Cryptos…

We all know, our money is not safe In this old, crumbling and crashing system. So I think you already know, that the Old Fiat Money and Banking System is The most corrupt, meant to fail and centralised Manipulation of our money and Data.

Let’s focus the Solutions instead worrying!

All the Infos and Resources I Use, for a Safe and Highly Profitable investing experience, in one place (still evolving)

My Nr 1. Tipp and Best investment in my eyes:

– “Let The experts do the Work”


for 5% of the Profit that he makes for us! The most amazing system without Hours and days of research, sleeplessness and uncertainty… for me!

I highly recommend, letting our expert trader Joseph do the investments, showing you how, and help you if you want to do trades by your own. That’s how he’s doing it for us. I also want to empower you for all the other opportunities I Invest with that Profit and to do your own research.

My portfolio as Example

(% percent of my whole investings)

My Nr 1 Invest:

  • 60-70% trading pool with JosephINSURED, GUARANTEED 30-5-% PROFIT
  • -> expert (Team) of Analysts, Researchers and Joseph – trades for us
  • – > (minimum 30% profit per month Guaranteed (can show you proof)
  • –> insured trades + Nest investing Projects (Tesla+Btc
  • –> (40-60% Profit coming Month)
  •   – > AMAZING, professional Strategic GUY,
  • – HE does all the work for just 5% of the profit

My Other Invests


–> If you’re like me and excited for amazing Projects and a bit more Mid-term Investments wit Crazy Profits aswell, Here you Get My Favorite’s

My Nr. 1 Longterm Investment Platform – Pick


  • Shaping the Future of Finance, Investing and Community Power
  • DEX- Decentralized Exchange + Wallet (Swap, send, Store Token and coins)
  • -> Most Amazing, Decentralised Investing Platform for
  • Tokenised Assets (Gold-mine Token, Bitphoenix Trading… A lot more soon!

–> Brings Fintech Companies – Projects together with Investors, Community and Experts!

  • Without the need of Research through days and Thousands of companies
  • Community-powered and rewarded, Early-stage Investments -> 4-6% Minting rewards on top of your investment for the first 36 Months
  • Projects and Coin Tips by experts
  • a platform for safe, high-profit investments in early-stage Projects and companies without having to have millions!
  • One Time KYC – Verification for all the Projects

Crypto Portfolio – My other Investments

  • ~ 20% in my Crypto fund
  • (btc, bch, eth, ltc, iota, Dot, Link, Band, eos, enjin,
  • Bnb, Kava, uniswap… And a few More

Do your own research, connect and win together.


Info platforms:

More solutions:

Crypto funds,

  • Arbismart
  • Cake defi

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