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My Morning Health Routine – detox hacks to boost our performance and wellbeing

Aloha wonder, here are my morning hacks for a motivated, happy day!

My uplifting morning routine and health hacks, to boost performance, detox and wellbeing:

create a peaceful mind and body☀️☯️

The health and shine Routine, for a peaceful mind and body☀️☯️:

  1. Waking up with a Deep breath and smile – stretch and move hands and feet.
  2. Feet in the air – rist and feet circling
  3. WATER – Huge zip of revitalising, (Cristal) water (shungites, quartz…)
  4. Apple cider vinegar, Turmeric,
  5. Mushrooms, lions mane etc.
  6. Green coffee bean powder…

Check in that article my Brain and mood enhancer hacks:

-> boosting my memory, focus, clarity and Motivation ??☀️

  1. Leg exercises + neck roll (seating) Sadhguru Isha kriya app)
  2. Morning stretch – yoga – workout (5-15 min.)
  3. Braintea, apple cider vinegar…
  4. #listening to uplifting, inspiring motivation,
  5. Soundhealing – affirmation
  6. or meditation sounds

My Spotify playlist -> (my “Metamorphosing journey” -playlistWith the most amazing soundjourneys, meditation music and wonderful songs at the end ?☯️??☀️??✌️


  • Coconut + oil pulling ( if time) #detox
  • braintonic tea – brahmi, ginko-biloba, nutmeg, cloves, mct oil, turmeric, ginger, pepper,
  • Organic cacao with organic oat milk
  • green tea – Chai tea – jasmine –

My newest discovery:
Raw, organic Green coffee beans – for a herbal caffeine brew! ??

Or chewing them (but they expose their full and different, potential and antioxidants by brewing with hot water)