Arc of real evolution

My morning routines for health and happiness

Becoming vibrant and alive, focused clear on happiness, self actualisation, fulfillment, health and conscious awareness.

Dmt breathing –

I found for myself, i love sricking to a routine with variety. The things i love doing for my healthy, empowering, calming morning routine. Its not always same, i choose from these:

  • exercises,
  • Stretch – breath – bodyscan – > yoga,
  • breathing, dmt, wim hoff, pranayama
  • stretching and
  • smiling gratitude
  • and journaling dreams.

Morning exercise – choose what suits you today, switch tomorrow

There are so many phenomenal benefits in the different ways of meditation, breathimg, Gratitude and workout.

Im switching and adapting through my favorites.

But the most important for me and through what i learned, is to have a little morning exercise with smile, gratitude, stretch and deep breaths.

Exercise – Meditation – stretch – breathing soma

Bed stretch – with affirmation

Water, apple cider turmeric, natron – bicarb soda

1. Gratitude – mesitations – 6phase, 21 day, abraham hicks…

Live fhe life you want

Afdirmations by bodo schaefer


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