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My syntropic Resumee – Regenerative Journey, learnings and Projects

Bringing people and solutions together for our all mother Earth!

I am so grateful and happy, about My Journey to regenerative interbeingness, solutions for humanity and life on earth!

Here i share past and recent Projects i co~created in this miraculous part of gaia, called australia. building a syntropic food forest in commUnity action, and veggie gardens for a indigenous community “warrung people”, happy valley and more…

Syntropic garden With warrungu indigenous community ~ mt. Garnet, fnq. Australia

For you, to see authentically, who i am, what my passions are, and what we are all capable of doing, for our phenomenal planet.

Videos from recent Syntropic Actions soon

Syntropic food forests – lightning ridge

Bevore and after (5-7 months) Syntropic System implementation:

Realising my regenerative Vision and dreams i always Felt in my heart for our Planet

This is Like my real “Resumee” of the last 2.5 years in australia. For me, the Most wonderful Projects, Greatest Learnings and Future vision Ideas… So excited, to share this with you, what became my biggest purpose on earth! Australia and everywhere i go is home now for me. Connecting to wonderful people, country, beautiful co creations and regenerative community for our planet and humanities future.

My mission and passion > Regeneration and solutions

We can regenerate and we will.

I’ve learned about regenerative farming in large scale,

> incredible Regeneration in the dry and semi arid lightning ridge

> also about commercial Treeplanting i did 2x 6 months, at the beginning of australia, 2 years ago…

Co-Creating oases of life and biodiversity!

Time for greatness and regenerative action my friends – help me to help Farmers and our world

Loving also to regenerate our planet? If you want to support our work, collaborate or invest in some of the most important solutions, to create ripple effects of change, flick me over a text.

Fb – benny sauber


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