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Story Back to our Roots – Few insights into our Regenerative Journey in The Hungry Spirit

Some wonderful little insights into our beautiful syntropic oasis here, the hungry spirit in lightning ridge, Nsw, Australia.

Re- learning and Remembering that i am a child of thos planet, and I’ve found my passion and mission for and with our mother nature.

We are the ReGeneration Generation – We are solution

Where we not only create a regenerative, syntropic oasis, a food forest and lots of little regenerative projects. We’re also growing and evolving insanely together. Learning how to react, reflect and harmonise together.

Letting go of ego and watching ourselves, aswell as being truly honest with love and empathy with each other.

Vulnerability and openness combined with love and passion for the best possible, lovely together.

Thats me, consistend Change, transformation and Self evolution in progress, back to the roots, ourmother earth.

Ubuntu, my wellbeing is yours. Without you i am not…

Lots of love,

Your green thumbed Beardo, Benny

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