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Sprouting Microgreens – how to start, order, growing and business at home

My research and most important resources for the best start into sprouting and microgreens.

Awesome guides and collections of free ebooks, seed recommendations and tools etc. – seeds, garden, plants, great info resources

When to plant Sprouts and Microgreens

Sprouting seed – That is, they all have a preferred temperature range below and above which they will not germinate.

+ Unless you have a heated house or live in North Queensland if the night time temperature drops below the recommended temperature shown on the seed packet then usually the seed will rot, not sprout.

Cool season favourites

+ alfalfa, broccoli, cabbage, fenugreek, kale, onion, radish, rocket

Warm season favourites

+ buckwheat, mung, soybean, sunflower

You can find Sprout Growing Information here.
You can find Microgreens Growing Information here.
You can find Salad Mix Growing Information here.

Difference between Sprouting sprouts and Microgreens

Sprouting is ‘bench top organic vegetable gardening’. Sprouts are not only a great addition to salads and sandwiches, they are incredibly nutritious added to fresh juices and smoothies.

Microgreens are an exciting, colourful, gourmet alternative to sprouts. They are halfway in size between sprouts and salad mix. Usually grown in seedling trays, they differ from sprouts in that they are grown in sunlight and harvested with scissors when there are 2 or more true leaves; sprouts are eaten much smaller.

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