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Microgreens batch 2 with 3 different trays – sprouting Journal and learnings

Three different trays and ways of growing sprouts, lets see what performs best!

Hey there, here my sprouting and microgreens journal and improvements with the second batch.

So exciting to grow from 1 Sprouting tower to 3 Trays and the tower and im having the first people loving it.

Now im going to get more shungites and a little landingpage for on – demand orders.

That was the first test patch

Little research i did about different sprouts, microgreens etc.

The new test – with 3 different ways

Additional – (first with trays uncovered, then after the second day, with lid for moisture, better growth

1. Growing tower with lid

2. Growing tray without Medium

3. Trays with organic coco fiber

Day 2 –

Key Learnings

  • Dont grow mung beans in coco fiber
  • Copy the sprouting tower
  • (flush them 3x a day
  • , and then leaving just in closed moist environment)
  • ☀️ Now i get a lid on all trays, copying the sprouting tower.

Here are facebook groups i get amazing infos and tips

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