Arc of real evolution

My ultimate Goalsetting manifestation method

Combining all the masters and personal development our times, my experiences and how i overcame fears, challenges and prokrastination

+ positive emotions on our own goals

– searching the most fund and blessing way to reach our goals


dispenza, braden, vishen, wayne dyer, sadhguru, napoleon hill…

Asking myself, what i really want

1. Experiences, lifegoals, (vivid) life-Vision


2. Desires, projects, dreams

3. My big whys, start with why


1.1 what do i really want in life

1.2 What makes me really happy

(endgoals, not means goals)

Study – > job = money = DREAMS FULFILLMENT

What do i want to learn – how do i want to grow?

How would/will(is) it feeling, to be already where i want to be?

Clear intentions with elevated, passionated emotions

How is it feeling, to have what i want.

How amazing ia it, to do greatest regeneration projects

How wonderful is it feeling to meet and work with the most amazing, lovrly, smart people?!

3. What are the


Extraordinary at work,

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