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The best Natural Wound Healing Remedies, to help our Body Heal and Recover quickly

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My “healing quickly after Surgery or accident-Essentials” – Made easy with these simple hacks and natural remedies.

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  1. The most effective and important ones first
  2. then a little invitation and my story
  3. The List of the most effective remedies, supplements for quick healing

Mother Natures Best Natural Remedies for the fastest wound, tissue, and muscle healing:

Also on the blooding wound:

Turmeric, Onion, Garlic, Aloe Vera

Fastest Muscle and tissue healing –>

Comfrey –> As leaf, tincture, cream.


Arnika –> As pills, tincture, cream

Article -> How to apply, even on fresh blooding wounds, to stop blood flow, infection and inflammations here:

–> Here a super good superfoods article 🙂 (

Superfoods not only have more nutrition per bite than other foods do, they also have other components that cut down on inflammation in the body, support mental health, and boost energy, stamina and longevity…

Aloha health seekers,

Here is the list of the most rejuvenating remedies, that will help you, to get your health back quickly and even beyond that…

  1. My short story of healing and deeper research for a remarkable recovery!
  2. Screenshots of the most important, highly beneficial remedies and hacks to heal quickly.

My research and years of testing the best and most essential remedies…

  • Powerful natural remedies – backed by science, eastern – holistic medicine and my self
  • The right Food, Super -fuel,
  • superfoods, my herbal mixtures…
  • Herbs, plant extracts,
  • Vitamins,
  • Mushrooms, aminos, and nature.
  • Some amazing resources, Books and Companies, that I find just Wonderful
  • Sound healing – science, and Meditations

Hello Wonder, Welcome to Natures wonderful pharmacy!

Here i want to share the most amazing natural healing remedies, I researched and tested over the last 6-7 years. They help me recover, especially now, after surgery of my cut tendons, to heal super quick, by speeding up my body’s healing processes immensely! I think Everyone should know about it. Because sadly hospitals and major doctors don’t tell us the simple, but crucial, and natural ways to heal and recover…

That’s when I realized, I really wanna get that out to all of you and share amazing health platforms, Natural Remedies, and all for wellbeing and rejuvenation.

(in the links you find products, research, or links to my best online shops – with some affiliate links soon – that will pay me a little commission for doing the work and research, aswell as future Projects for positive change & Inspiration.

–> I love the idea of earning, by sharing what we really love.

Sharing – caring – connecting – evolving

Ubuntu – My Wellbeing is yours

How it happened and why i needed to put that together for you all!

I’ve cut deep into my thumb, right through my tendons… While replanting some beautiful cactii, with a freshly sharpened knife, in lighting ridge, australia. We are doing a wonderful syntropic gardening project. Called Planting water. Syntropy in life…

Never cut towards your body, BENNY… i should know…

But It’s amazing, how much we can speed up our healing processes and wound recovery, with simple, but wonderful remedies and supplements, as well as rest, focus on healing, breathing, sound healing, and music combined with meditation.

Mother Natures phenomenal solutions, to help your body heal quickly!

Real medicine. That’s all nasty free! For super fast and sustainable recovery and healing process.

With Everything i still do for amazing healing results and all we can and should do, to become our best again.

I got a lot of evidence that supported my own thoughts from experience and recommendations.

Also on the blooding wound:

Turmeric, Onion, Garlic, Aloe Vera

Fastest Muscle and tissue healing –>

Comfrey –> As leaf, tincture, cream.


Arnika –> As pills, tincture, cream

Supplements, Vitamins and natural Remedies

  • Zink, calcium, potassium, Bromelian – Pineapple
  • Essential Aminos, L-arginin
  • vitamins: C, D, K2, A, B12,
  • Magnesium (Powder is best absorbable)
  • Proteins – my nr1 – Proganics plant protein – bio fermented, brown rice, pea, hemp + dozens other essentials
  • More amazing PROTEINS, – amazonia – Thrive – Hemp Protein
  • Probiotics – bio fermented – Hemp, and marine collagen with superfoods – acai, goji, blueberry, maqui
  • Super greens – chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, barleygrass, Kelp, seaweed
  • Organic, raw foods (kale, beetroot, sprouts, bananas, nuts, seeds, ginger)

Medicinal mushroom mixtures, herbs and superfoods

  • Medicinal mushrooms + herbs
  • my community mix (reishi, chaga, lions mane…)
  • Turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom,
  • GINGER (stomack, immunity…)
  • My herb clinic –
  • My community
  • super feast

After i cut my tendons on my thumb

I’ve cut right through the muscles/tendons, had to get a emergency surgery and now i share, what helps me, to heal and recover quick, by giving my wonderful body the right fuel, veggies, nutrients and vitamins.

(Thats no professional advice, just what’s helping me and different independend experts and holistic medicines refer to)

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