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Why and how Superfoods to detox, rejuvenate and healing my wounds super quick

A little intro about the superpower of rejuvenating superfoods.

1. Why we need to detox from environmental toxins for mental and physical wellbeing.

– What are cellular superfoods
– How to detox and heal
– benefits

At the end:

Articles with collections of the best superfoods and how to get them.

Stay happy, healthy and positive my frieds ☀️

Easy to understand:

1. What are cellular superfoods

Mood, clarity and overall wellbeing

A little story of my hospital journey

In the hospital they didn’t even know about comfreys amazing benefits for bone and tissue healing… And they never talk about turmeric, ginger etc.

Some docs are nice and holistically, and they are great surgeons! But they sell hot dogs, pies, sugar shitty, fatty foods in hospitals… You get the picture.

Thats why we need to spread the real medicine in addition to that.

Today we get toxins as medicine and real medicine is illegal, because its free… (not all – but you get the picture of my view… – lets just get an holistic healing approach together here x3

#healsome – whole-some – holistically – healing

Fast Open wound healing

Number 1 – turmeric, pepper, onion, garlic, honey:

-> How to apply, even on fresh blooding wounds, to stop blood flow, infection and inflammations here:

Here a superfoods Article for you

Superfoods not only have more nutrition per bite than other foods do, they also have other components that cut down on inflammation in the body,

support mental health, and boost energy, stamina and longevity.

Why do we need to detox?

Our bodies contain toxins that are detrimental to our health.

These toxins are from the foods we eat, the water we drink and from the air we breathe. There are hundreds of studies showing that environmental problems can easily put our bodies into an overload, making it way too hard to get rid of the toxins.

How do we get healthy and detox?

Basically, to get rid of these toxins, the body needs antitoxins.

Antitoxins help cleanse the digestive system and protect the body against cancer-causing chemicals and tumors. One of the best antitoxins to cleanse the body and keep diseases like cancer away is, without a doubt, cellular Superfoods.

The Power of cellular superfoods

Cellular Superfoods contain natural ingredients, which are scientifically proven to carry cleansing minerals, vitamins, as well as flavonoids. They act as defense mechanisms against any toxins that may harm the body by producing tumor suppressor cells. These cells help with the improvement of the body’s immune system, combating any mutant and diseased cells. Below is a list of the top 50 best cellular healing Superfoods, which you should add to your daily diet as soon as possible.  In fact, these foods not only taste good but they will give you a glowing and well-toned skin, prevent cancer, improve your brain health and help you in weight management.

If you do not feel that your body is working at its optimal level of performance, these Superfoods will greatly improve your overall health

More articles – resources about replenishing and healing naturally

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