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Watch this 4 minute Movie, that empowers millions to be the change – Acting for Our Future and Earth Now

A precious gem here, that deeply ewokes the message, i always emphasise…

I am benjy the green thumb and we can save our #NatureNow

Amazing 4 minutes ~ Choose NATURE NOW – with greta thunberg

Positive change empowerment, heart warming and eye opening.

Watch this 4 minute Movie, that empowers millions to be the change

The simple keys to regenerate our earth and save our future from collaps… Protect – restore – fund positive change

Join the regeneration – Choose Life my fellow earthling.💚🌎

Look on my regenerative empowerment collection for the worlds most empowering and wonderful stuff

No action is forgotten, every little word, bill, products creates ripple effects…

#naturenow #waterbear #2040 #2040theregeneration #sustainableMovement #interbeing
#ecosia #ecology #ecovillageNetwork #drjoedispenza

Tsunamis of change, and you choose the World your decisions are creating, we all do.

So ask yourself please: What world and Future do you want to live in?

A.) a Blossoming, regenerated Earth, Collective Evolution in harmony with our mother earth, that has risen us?

B.) collapsing climate, war, fossil fuels and disease, because we were too “busy” and lazy, to change our little lifestyle habits?

Tell me,

Can you buy “i care” toilet paper or thank you washing liquids?

Would you like to drink chemical free, life giving water and drinks?

Start your evolution, awareness and you will create and influenxe positive changes (morphic resonance)

Everything we think, say, feel or do, effects everything else… Gets uploaded so to say.

Collective metamorphosis as i love to call it.

Just do it now, Pretty awesome #teff #glutenfree #flourAlternative #baking

Natural climate solutions:

I needed glutenfree, because my joints hurted after gluten, wheat, sugars etc…

But hey!!
Everything we do and Consume counts!

We can:

  • #protect whats natural + alive
  • #restore the damage we did and the forests that died
  • ____________
  • #fund with every little product we buy the GOOD CHANGES

We CHOOSE our FUTURE, BY SUPPORTING DEATH OR Life and regeneration
☀️💚 ☀️

Benjy green empowerment


Check out Nature Now
on Waterbear Network. The first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the planet.


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