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Arc of real evolution

The new Logo – representing positive, sustainable, global change and our collective evolution.

The new logo for the Evolution library. For our self evolution, sustainable solutions, global healing, regeneration, just everything, that brings humanity forward, back to nature and unites us for love and positive change. It also represents my vision and love for sustainable, global change. Networking, creating ripple effects, by being a individual drop, in the tsunami of positive change. Happiness is only found inside, we just need to follow our heart. Becoming creator… More later ?✌️

I’m so thankful, that I choose Fiverr, and found this amazing dude, called venom… I gave him my sketches, said what I want, why and how. A few days later that came, and I’m so amazed! It’s exactly what I feel, and visualise.

That book “the Buddha and the badass” is just so amazing and came exactly perfect into my life. Now at the time when I am starting my projects, connecting with people, who are on the same page and unfolding amazing opportunities for awesome, global healing and sustainable movements.

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