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If I do what I really love, work towards my life goals and follow my heart, thats when I’m really happy and successful in life.

1. Me on a run and yoga tour at corrumbin Beach-Australia east coast. That’s a bit wonderful inspiration with the global ecovillage network – Www.Ecovillage.Org – And #storyshots book summaries that uplift my spirit with wisdom and knowledge, to keep the most amazing and important things in presence. – Real happiness is just found inside and on our way of life. – Not found in things, money or others. – Namaste, your beard, Benny

On my run at the wonderful east coast of Australia. I guess it was corrumbin Beach. The ocean uplifts my soul and gives me rejuvenating energy.
Magic “rainbow” over the block, that we plant. And exactly over this wonderful Gumtree, kinda like my logo, image idea for my website and projects.
#storyshots #dailyDevelopment #bookSummaries – Get amazing book summaries in 10-25 minutes on storyshots. The most important key messages and knowledge from bestseller books in minutes. Storyshots is for you, if you want to improve your life and learn every day or week new, uplifting things, that bring you forward.

☯️?️? Inspiration by Lao tzu – Chinese philosopher and spiritual master – on. Of the foundations of the ZEN Buddhism I think. The DAO – means the way – way of life – REMEMBER – The way is the goal – and happiness is only found inside and on the way, not in goals…
#Mindvalley podcast #inspiration – amazing, life changing inspiration and tools. Check it out and Vishens new book “the Buddha and the badass” beyond life changing… Unfolding our highest potentials – for the world and all life.
Www.Ecovillage.Org -wonderful solution library and change maker communities. Everything I need to know about regenerative community design, positive impact and the most important thing, to connect together.

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