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Worry free investing – Our Investing Pool – Expert Trades for us

  • About My Nr 1 Investment – Maximum Profits – Lowest risk
  • 91% success strategic portfolio management 30-60% profit a month.
  • No worries, no risk, no time for you to spend for research etc.
  • Conversations with my broker

At the end:

  • Most important Links for Exchanges, Info platforms, Wallets – At the End

Aloha Wonderful Peops!

As I maybe told you about my Nr. 1 Investment, that I highly recommend to everyone, Doesn’t matter if new in crypto and investing or experienced.

I’m staying 100% in for that. More and more people choose a broker – Traders who trade or help them trading for them. I have 2 other Brokers, but non of the signals I get is as good, as he is doing the trading for me/us. And I don’t have to be hours on my laptop for it anymore!

Beyond the bubble – Bitcoin is changing the financial system – Crypto is what we need…

-> on platforms like bsbGlobal can be a trader thats not nice or good, like in every system. – > thats why there could be a bad review about bsb global – thats why we stay and trust in josep 🙂

My 2nd account – No worry trading – Fully managed and insured by joseph – The expert

Details, Benefits and my Why – of trading with this amazing Expert:

This Trading is called low-risk scalping trading (CFD – contract for difference) –> difference on the currency or stock etc.

  • 30% minimum guarantee for profit per month (but its around 40-60%)
  • Safe, Lowest Risk and no time needed to do anything
  • Payout at any time (screenshot of a payout)
  • Insured Trading – for bigger projects we get insurance – 10% off the calculated profit
  • Test it 7 days with a low invest – To see if you like it
  • – 5% of each trade goes to Joseph, for the Service
  • See Everything he is doing in the office
  • He trades for us, is only the Platform – they don’t do anything
  • He’s an amazing, trustworthy and friendly smart guy.

No worries, no research to do – I went from investing by myself to him, because he knows what hes doing and 5% of the profit is more than fine for me.

A bit about The Trading Team

  • Joseph, Our trader is one of the most amazing and experienced expert investors and has a team of analysts and researchers behind
  • They are all in the UK – England
  • Expert team of analysts and Market researchers giving signals to Our Trader Joseph – since 5-7 Years – He only trades them, if he calculates them as Profitable
  • No risk – Success rate of 90% –> he’s never doing risky trades!
  • He has certificates and diplomas for it ( – joseph…)
  • Only invests (trades) with 91+% success calculation will be done


Here Screenshots (soon)

  • Proof that its real
  • Conversations
  • statistics
  • my account – Trading history
  • Friends account
  • Pay out Proof

Links to the most important Websites, exchanges et.

Buy/Sell – Exchanges i Use:

  • – Wallet, Exchange, Fee Free BTC Purchase
  • Binance – more advanced Trading, exchange
  • PeakDefi App

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