Arc of real evolution

Our journey from drop to wave to cloud and back to the vast ocean of creation

My intention is and was simply sharing little wisdom i gained through thebook siddhartha, but then magic happened in form of water molecules travelling in waves through the ocean of creation, becoming fairyfloss in the sky, feeling separated and apart, but then uniting again in the ocean of creation.

A parable about the the journey of our human existance, manifesting in different forms, feeling alone or high, stranded and anxious, whats happening…

The quintessential message here – i guess:

Surrender and have faith, that you are a water molecule, manifested in a drop, becoming a wave, dancing as fairyfloss high up in the sky, seemingly separating from others, but never apart from the whole…


– we are all one, but not the same… Just a little bit of wisdom in form of drops of awareness and love.

All together is, was, and will be the river of creation, the universal orchestra of life. Inseperable, one, but never the same.

A story about Individualisations of creation, just being… never apart, on a journey within journeys of creation.

Another metaphor just came up:

Like our planet is traveling around the sun, with our solar system they we all travel through this galaxy, and that all together travels through the universe clusters… As far as i can explain 🙂

The important Bottom line question, to hold in mind on this journey of words here…

Do you think, you are separate from somebody else in hogwarts? Is a water molecule separate and different in the  form of  waves, a river or the clouds?

Only when we think and look with physical understanding…

Thats A little journey, that got created through the phenomenal puzzle pieces and wisdom life offered me on my flowing with-In the rivers of life.

A lot of so called miracles and manifestations are happening Simply by having faith in my way and the ever evolving life visions, allowing all that is, accepting non judgemental and letting go of whats not serving life or my mission here, for regeneration, healing and protection of our pressure’s Nature.

We are The Artists and the Art, waves and Drops, branches and trees…

Lets feel in, embodying and understanding The alchemy of life…

Creation is constantly supporting us, because we are the co-creating parts of the whole.

Benny Be here now

through various pieces of creation. Books, movies, meditation, experiences and breathing.

All life is connected in the energetic realms, but also our dna is connected through scalar waves – The morphic resonance…

Intro: From siddharta to a evolutionary water molecule becoming a fairyfloss

Here i wanted to share some notes from the book Siddhartha and a couple of examples and learnings, i had the honour to learn and share now. And then this beautiful parable unfoldet in a wonderous journey, that may shine attention towards our oneness within and with everything.

We alone decide, what we learn, experience and create. We always have the choice, to react with kindness, compassion, harmony and love.

Every so called failure is a stepping stone towards self fulfillment.

Awareness brings transcendence – benjo green thumb

Have you ever heard about conscious detachment, evolving out of relationships, but still loving each other?

We are part of the whole. You can call it universe, creation, god…

Do you think a drop of rain is separate from the ocean?

If yes, please think in that way:

(This is the same with everything, because on a quantum level, everything is just energy in different forms, dancing on frequencies of creation.)


You are a tiny water molecule, or drop of salty Life in the ocean… You are heading towards a beautiful coast with some other waves. On this particular island arrived, it seems like you are separating from all of your water Friends, family and fellow molecules…

Some of them are noroushing plants, others are now becoming part of a stunning, loud river. Life washed you over the beach, with a lot of the other dancing water molecules, now warming up on the beach…

But whats happening now?!

Its gettimg really hot, shaky and vibrant, more and more of you are getting for a journey up in the air, with the air, looking like air…

(still Imagine, that is a metaphor for the human Journey aswell)

For a little while invisible for most eyes on the planet. Evaporating in gas form, far far away from “family and friends”, kinda transcended, to become part of the fluffy clouds thousands of meters over the ocean…

Now your new existance looks like lucid fairyfloss…

Travelling ensless miles, surrendering to the “cloudy life”

A lot of you are now really scared and not sure what will happen. Some just enjoy the transformation and dance, unite, separate high up in the sky.

Question for awareness:

Are you still part of the ocean, water, life, even if youre so high up and seemingly separated?

But we forgot mostly, why we came here. Our soul, what is the heart felt intentions, tells us with love and passion, aswell as guidance in a so called “gut feeling”…

Often the greatest guidance is pain and loss… I experienced that early, like a lot of people, with the loss of my father and mom leaving early.

Appreciation and Gratitude through Challenging Circumstances

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