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Peakdefi Project Review – a Scam or a Big Winner and a Solid Crypto Fund Platform with incredible Rewards?!

Everything about PeakDefi, links to articles, channels and a little introduction.

I’ve been sceptical, but it is now 99% safe, because:

  • Great app
  • Binance smart chain integrated (binance = biggest crypto+ trading platform in the world)
  • Staking and auto trading platform
  • And so much more proof.

Just check the facts, watch some videos and WIN TOGETHER MY FRIENDS!

the Cryptofund explained and Decentralised Finance Opportunities for everyone! Scam Alert for marketpeak first! Take care, fake people ARE EVERYWHERE…

If you want to get the brst bonuses and join our team, just text me and we create a great winning business together.

Please be Aware OF PEOPLE WHO FAKE PeakDefi

It can be really, really hard to keep track over all the projects, i lost tens of thousands with hypes, pump and dump and even scams in the ico times and trading. Here i share all infos and Details about PeakDefi and Why you should consider to go in Now To Win BIG, Bevore it goes mainstream.

I collect everything, to empower you to make your own picture about marketpeak and the crypto fund Platform PeakDefi.


All infos about Peak defi

Links to peakdefi and marketpeak:

What is peak defi – crypto fund, staking, investing

PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and #asset managers for the best capital growth – up to 80% a year

+ Peak Shares price increase! Get ready for something Big! Get shares bevore it gets Expensive – > sign up for free and see the office

1. Contact and channels

Our official Telegram channels

– @marketpeak_official

+ Youtube marketpeak Deutsch

🚀 Read our Gitbook, everything you need to know is written down here!
2 days until we launch!!!

Audit Proof that its a real Investment platform and certified defi project:

Download the – Peakdefi app – Wallet +Exchange

WHAT IS DEFI – article about Decentralised Finance on medium

Become part of the PeakDefi Crypto Platform – 40.000 members!

get your shares/Peak Token from marketpeak to the best price Get ready for something Big! Get shares bevore it gets Expensive – > sign up for free and see the office

Where and how to buy cryptos (we get both rewarded if you go over the links)

The safest and best exchanges

For beginners – coinbase (nice, easy, educating :

  1. GERMANY/EUROPE Bitpanda (higher fees – Best and easy)

Cryptocards – debitcards (but peakdefi will come with one)

Here are 10 Quick facts about PeakDefi Platform and the Project

1. PeakDefi – Hype or solid Project?

  1. “PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth.”
  2. “The vision of PEAKDEFI is to enable everybody on the planet to grow their wealth, no matter what position they are in at the moment.
    To give everybody the same chance the solution has to be decentralized, easy to understand and easily accessible. That’s the mission at PEAKDEFI.”
  3. The PEAKDEFI fund is a decentralized fund, programmed as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, managed by different Managers in a decentralized, permissionless and smart way to get the best outcome for everybody involved.
  4. Investors can invest in the contract and buy a share of the PEAKDEFI fund, whereas managers can participate in on-chain trading with the fund’s capital.
  5. Benefits for Investors – Investing in the PEAKDEFI fund is as easy as counting 1to10
    Our PEAKDEFI platform is programmed on a Smart Contract, which means that each investor can simply connect to the platform with his own ETH wallet and invest with ETH or 70+ other ERC20 tokens.
  6. All deposits are locked in smart contracts without any 3rd party having direct access to funds. PEAKDEFI is non-custodial and permissionless and is never taking control of any assets. It can be used directly from a wallet (i.e. MetaMask / WalletConnect) that only you control.
  7. Opportunity for fund managers -Instead of managing an own fund the idea at PEAKDEFI is to manage one global fund with many other managers together in a decentralized and permissionless way. This is a completely new and disruptive way for asset managing.
  8. What is PEAK Staking? Besides investing in the PEAKDEFI global fund, you can grow your capital by staking PEAK. 50% of the total PEAK supply, which converts to 1bn PEAK, is reserved for staking rewards. You can earn up to nearly 83% in PEAK Staking per Year!
  9. Rewards – We have also thought about rewarding our investors who recommend our PEAKDEFI fund. So if you decide to recommend the PEAKDEFI fund, the platform will automatically pay you a small commission.
  10. Security Audit of the PEAKDEFI Smart Contract
    Security has the highest priority at PEAKDEFI. Our system was reviewed and audited by Quantstamp, one of the best smart contract security companies, to ensure the security of the PEAKDEFI fund and the staking process.

Overview – Links

We will go live soon! Get your shares!

PEAKDEFI is a decentralized, performance-based asset management fund, created to connect investors and #asset managers for capital growth.

Great news!
Quantstamp has published our audit report.
Quantstamp is one of the worlds leading blockchain security and audit provider and they have checked, analyzed, and audited our PEAKDEFI smart contract protocol. We are super happy, that they published the report now and want to share it with you.

Buy/Sell Cryptos and Peak – How to get Peak Token (shares)

2. Articles, channels, announcements

WHAT IS DEFI – peakdefi on medium

Complete Summary – Description – Short with all functions of the peakDefi Protocol and platform

+ real Company, Team, Marketing

+ afilliate Bonus – partner opportunities

2. Channels – PeakDefi + Marketpeak




– crypto fund – investment community

– wallet/Direct Exchange App

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