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Permaculture compared with Regenerative Agriculture, Syntropic Farming Holistic Management – Differences Uses, Attributes

In this video, the amazing Geoff Lawton, a great australian permaculture teacher, explains the differences of permaculture vs. Regenerative + Syntropic agriculture (food forests), aswell as what holistic management is and when to apply these different methodologies.

REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE and lifestyle is my key in thinking. Working with nature, enhancing life and biodiversity. No usage of chemicals or pesticides, Nothing against life.

Green Thumb

My feeling and conclusion:

Industrialized agriculture – developed in and after war, is highly concentrated and mechanized, relying on chemical inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and non-therapeutic antibiotics. However, Regenerative agriculture, which uses methods that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare, is gaining massive momentum!

There is no number 1 solution, There are many good ways, we always need to find the most harmonious and effective ways, that are suiting us. I love syntropic food forests, combined with and guided by biodynamic and permaculture principles.

Permaculture is The “Connectivity” between disciplines of regenerative and holistic principles.

Curated articles i got together for you about each topic.

> (im not a expert in any of these, im a learning and practising green thumb, who loves the earth and wants to contribute as much as possible to positive change on earth and inside humanity… i just know where to find the experts and love synthesising all regenerative and holistic Farming and food production systems)

Enjoy, Your green Thumb Benjy 🙂

Permaculture designs use “Ethical design science” and Regenerative, life accumulating systems – Ethical Fundamental Principles, that guide us, to connect the different Methods into a holistic, permanent Culture Design for specific uses.

Green thumb

–> Landscapes, Lifestyle, Home, damms, Basics of Nature and patterns and so much more…

Organic Farming –> Regenerative Farming/Gardening without any synthetic fertiliser or chemicals.

  • Syntropic agroforestry >explained

  • Syntropy in Life –> Food Forests – evolved in Brasil –> commercialised, regenerative Food forests (straight lines usually)
  • Regenerative farming (regenerating the earth, accumulating life, sequestering carbon, through Regenerative – Not distructive methods.) –>
  • Holistic management > animal grasing in regenerative management. Moving like nature does.

Bio dynamic Farming– steiner and chinese’ philosophy (2000yrs old)

> working with the cycles of life, cosmic constellations (Moon, sun, saturn – our solar system)

> knowing about the energies and enhancing life, inviting life with specific preparations


Discover Regenerative Farming and the Differences between Industrial Vs Sustainable, Natural and Holistic farming.

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