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Permaculture introduction and empowering Resources

Check this wonderful podcast series and the awesome infos about permaculture, design and regeneration. permaculture-introduction-and-empowerment-resources. Plus free Video courses with geoff lawton. Enjoy, lets grow together.

Empowering Permaculture | Delvin Solkinson Eine Folge aus The Permaculture Podcast

Delvin & Grace Solkinson website
Free downloads of books, cards, and games

Training Permaculture Teachers book by Rosemary Morrow 
Free download or on-demand printer edition

Robin Clayfield teaching books, games and cards

Rosemary Morrow

More games and tools at Kym Chi and Delvin’s site

Recent video and podcast with Geoff Lawton

Delvin Doctoral Slideshow

Permaculture Institute : The Peoples Diploma

Permaculture Association Diploma

Permaculture Institute North America Diploma

Australian TAFE Diploma

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