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Amazing Garden planner Tools, Video examples of abundant gardens and resources

Here is some free and paid Garden planners, helpful articles and examples of amazingly abundant gardens.

Hey earth fam, benjy here, youre Not too sure what to plant this time of year and weather? Confused about the best layout for your veggie garden? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of apps, tools help for that!

Get inspired, stay connected with production planning in symbiotic diversity and health! Have fun!

Garden planner tools

Plants are like us, with different needs and community preferences as well as weather and space~time. Some can be closely planted while others need lots of room. But figuring out when to plant and what — and where ~ just got easier.Read On at mother earth news.

Amazing websites and Apps for gardening

Top 4 organic seed suppliers in aus?

2. Mr fothergills app – What to plant, when, Companion guide app ~~

2.2 -> mr fothergills website


Inspiring examples of small scale gardens
Inspiring small scale gardens

Using a garden planner to plan the layout, designs, space and life cycle requirement of plants and contents of your garden is a great way to stay organized, highly productive (successional) and get everything you want out of your gardens. By also including beneficial companion species, insect and predator attracting plants and flowers, all well planned with garden planners! Benjy here, Syntropy on!!

FREE AND paid garden planners i found:

1. Here is some information on some free ones:

With 11 Free Garden Planners there is probably one that just about anyone will like.  They all appear to be very similar to the one we bought years ago:

2. Here is one for $25 /year from Mother Earth News: ~~》

Garden layout and design software

Amazing apps, Gardening, planting times and zones…

compost everything: the good guide to extreme composting ebook by david the good

About garden types Hugelkultur, permaculture, raised etc.

More articles ~ beneficial plants, bees and more

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