Resource collection for positive change – the Arc of life

From the old destructive, industrial revolution towards a global metamorphosis and sustainable, collective evolution.

Aloha wonder,

Do You also Wanna have a great future where everyone wins and everything thrives?

Being a creator and part of the solution, instead of looking away and supporting the old systems and companies, that brought us there?

How is your actual worldview, your perspective? Negative ? Everything is Freaked?

Do you wanna know about the amazing things in the world and uplift yourself, others and the world, by supporting the positive things and contributing in the global, sustainable movement, as a drop in the tsunami of positive change…

My vision together

– core values, mission, love, passion
(inspiring and empowering with the worlds most amazing and life enriching companies, websites, education platforms,
and transformational videos, podcasts, docos

Life changing books,
Tools, apps and hacks to live our lives to full abundsnce and our best, truest versions

Game changing world healing – that makes me smiling and happy inside

– uplifting
Solutions, innovations, projects, movements and technologies, that blow my mind and warm my heart!

A great, real sustainable evolution, with permanent solutions for all life?!
Creating an amazing adventure for yourself and surroundings?! Not just floating over water… And doing what everyone is doing?

I couldn’t live any longer my old and so called normal life in the hamsterwheel,

I asked myself and life:
What can i do for this wonderful planet? How can I live from doing good things for the planet.

What do I really want in and from live?!

Where are the good people, there must be someone doing good things. And I researched… The evolutionary journey began…

Now I want to inspire you and as many people as possible with these life changing resources.

Ubuntu – my wellbeing is yours – and we are one – and divine

Discover how amazing humans can be and see that we’re exponentially waking up and creating paradise again. Focus the positive things and you co-create them by sharing, talking and living them.

What is The “Arc” of regeneration – library for positive change

Simply: A amazing collection with everything I know, that leads to our collective evolution, a sustainable change, positive movements and inner, self transformation. We got all the tools we need and it will blow your mind! Change your life to the better.

Choose what’s most inspiring to you and start changing your life and the world.

– in Form of a Tool (app), book, podcast, online course, video, website, healthy food, yoga, personal growth, volunteering, travelling, workout,

changing daily habits, eating performance food and liquids like mct oil, brahmi, ginko, turmeric, pepper,

This website and collection of resources is the answer to my questions.

1. Resources – the most amazing websites, networks, solution libraries, podcasts, books and tools for individual and global transformation – healing – EVOLUTION

2. My words about these amazing and life changing content and instruments for positive change.

2. About the resource collection What is The “Arc” of regeneration – library for positive change 

Look here for the most mind blowing and game changing inspiration, that can change your life and the world to the best version! But you must commit, to live for an abundant, happy, healthy and successful life. And I wanted to stand up for life and peace on this planet, with millions of other wonderful human “becomings” we call it for now the sustainable, global movement!

How I found real happiness and true success and peace.

Real positive change and happiness began…

All the amazing changes  began with my self transformation, health, personal success, tools, life and healing hacks.
Personal and spiritual evolution tools and resources. Showed me the right way and to look inside, listening to my intuition and heart.

If you want to be truly happy, compare and compete with no others. Follow your heart and connect to people, places and networks, that inspire and uplift you!

Creating Life full full of abundance and things we really love, beneficial for all life on earth.

It is possible, trust me.
A green, living planet and future where everyone wins.

How can we reverse the damage – on the main ROOT CAUSES…

Reconnecting to our nature creating aswell ancient and Mind blowing solutions, websites, tools and instruments

Holistic approaches and regenerative living and community development and networking

positive inner and outter change resources.

All began with my self transformation, health, personal success, tools, life and healing hacks.
Personal and spiritual evolution tools and resources.

Everything that unfolds our collective metamorphosis and leads to global healing and abundance. It is possible and necessary. Within each of us, no matter what your gift is for this world. Live it, then you will be truly happy and the world aswell.

Be-coming together, the change we want to see – tree by tree, day by day
happy healthy, regenerative, holistic, sustainable solutions!

Dance to the music inside to the music of life!

– a sustainable tomorrow begins inside and its already a wonderful wave of change to see on our planet, most people just don’t know, because the media… Ya you know, that they just there for money…

–> improving yourself is improving our planet – the more we change the more ripple effects we create
We direct the markets to organic, sustainable and responsible 鸞

My journey to all this amazing stuff and game changing inspiration.

  • My routine – health hacks, morning, productivity, happiness <3
My favorite, heart warming videos.
Super Motivating – Mother nature speaking.
Julia roberts is Nature
Be inspired
Spirit science – collective consciousness etc. <3