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Planetary blossoming through local Actioning of solutions and Unity

Its obvious everything on this living organism (earth, gaia) is in a delicate, interconnected balance…

“Climate” is a collaboration of all cycles and currents and water levels and electromagnetic ones playing the symphony of a healthy orchestra…

If some in the orchestra get burned,
Glyphosate sprayed in their face and water, its hard to play as one symphonic dance


We need the ecosystem/s in all cases to fully function and be connected.

Macro, micro, cosmic

Starting with our lawns not dead, but 7~10cm long ~ full of wildlife

Continuing with our lifestyle, food choices or industrial chemicalised planet eating 😉

We choose with every dollar and action.

Products we purchase from companies that care about you and the planet or not

Time for us to be reGenerative and love out loud

Not fighting about whos wrong or problematic

(Had a flow working on a article and videos to inspire healthy frontgardens and Lawns, not dead lawns)
For climate home, health of insects, bees and soil.
And planetary blossoming

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