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Plants and seeding guide, veggies, flowers, fruits, for the summer in NSW – SRMI ARID +companion guide

When and how to sow and Plant, veggies, flowers and herbs, for abundant Planting. Also a companion guide and a amazing app and website, that makes gardening easier.

Top 4 organic seed suppliers in aus ?

Organic bulk seeds websites:

Amazing websites and Apps for gardening

Here we go with the list for syntropy abundsnce of food:

  • beetroot
  • carrot +purple
  • Parsnip,
  • Potatoes, (wit the forests corn, beans…)
  • sunflower,
  • raddish, daikon raddish,
  • cellery
  • eggplant, poached eggplant,
  • Bush beans, climbing beans
  • Cowpeas,
    Soya beans +climbing
  • silverbeet, rocket,
    Spinach climbing +normal
  • Sage
  • chives, endives,

Kale, silver beet,
basil, parsley, oregano,
Cress, thyme,

More amazing supergreens ideas:
mustard greens – RAW MUSTARD SEEDS
Dandeline root and plant greens,
wild lettuce
Wild salat

Flowers + companions

Insect+ preadator attracting +soil fix:
Marygolds, sunflower, colossum,
Lavender, calendula,
Borage, chamomille,
alyssum, feverfew,

Fruit – Bushes
Blueberry, strawberry,

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