Astro calendar - Bio dynamic gardening
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Astro moon calendar – Planting on the best days

1. Resources and links about the Astro-moon calendar for bio-dynamically gardening.

2. At the end some related garden articles – Comfreys healing for garden and humans.

Aloha wonderful peops, gardeners, friends and beings.

The Farmers Bio-Dynamic guide, Moon- or Astro calandar, shows us, when the best times are to plant, sow, rise animals or prune and mow.

We are using our Astro Calendar for the Whole garden, to know, when the best time for planting and sowing of What seeds/Plants is. The paperback astro calendar is sometimes a bit confusing for non-experts, like me/us.

Here is an amazing online version, to clarify all the symbols and what exactly is the best to plant on what day

A quick collection of the Bio Dynamic astro Calender, Icon Legend and full explanation of the Cycles, constellations and benefits etc.

Gardening Moon Calendar 2020

How to – Gardening by the Moon Phase, Biodynamic Farmer’s Planting Guide

  • The icon Legend – what exactly is meant by the icons:
  • what do i need to plant on a root or flower day – fruiting plants etc.

The full guide and descriptions of the Astro or moon calendar

The full explanation of the Bio dynamic Astro calendar –

Related amazingly helpful content –

If permaculture design had a poster child, it would be comfrey! It is a multi-functional, prolific, and low-maintenance herb—all the things we look for when selecting plants for the permaculture garden.

It is also one of the most potent and effective medicinal herbs. Learn more about comfrey’s medicinal benefits in my article about how to make herbal salve.

Comfrey is famous for harvesting nutrients from the soil and accumulating generous quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, potash, and calcium.

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