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The Podcast collection to feed thy soul – highly inspiring and motivating eye opener

Aloha wonderful beings ☀️

After this little invitation, with words about how I feel about, how amazingly they are for me and why I am doin this, I prepared the inspiring collection with the most incredible, wonderful and motivating podcasts.

I tried it without lots of words, what’s a bit hard for me, as you can see 😀 (just jump down to the list if you don’t want to read –> soon there will be always a audio or video intro at the beginning of each article, like a little podcast – blog – Vlog inspiration 😉

Positive, daily inspiration for inner peace, happiness and personal success aswell as health and sustainability, for us all on one place. All the life changing Podcasts that totally open my eyes and inspire new, positive edge thinking, creating and focusing more possibilities, pathways in our lives.


  • 1. My Spotify “evolution” podcast list – embedded
  • 2. My favorite podcasts – list with links
  • 2.2 – links – Nachhaltigkeit – PodcastsDeutsch
  • 3. At the end – recommendations from wonderful friends and travel mates aswell – thank you all ?

But just because I always love to talk about that amazing, wonderful stuff with everyone, to see the light and smile in your faces, hearts and souls. That is, what really inspires and lifts me up…

And that’s also how we create ripple effects of positive changes and kindness ?☯️??

–> So I just create a place, where I collect all that awesome stuff. That I can just forward you that list here, what we all will be updating constantly, to grow, evolve, inspire and lovely create together! ☯️???

What excites me most – Eye opening things I always love to talk about and reckommend. Inspiration for a happy, healthy, peaceful life and humanity. For our collective, sustainable evolution towards the highest, truest expression of our selves. With heart warming inspiration for a blossoming, regenerative future as a “Interbeing” -interconnected…

Let’s grow together – evolve, love and connect sustainably, for a blossoming future and a regenerative, happy, healthy and peaceful collective.

In my other blog article (“About the Most inspiring and empowering Podcasts -eye opening videos and uplifting Ted talks”)

–> I write about my favorites and explain, why they are so amazing and important for my actual, holistic world view and state of mind etc. 

About – Solutionairy thinkkers awesome Change makers – visionary inspirits Sustainability, science, mindfulness, personal development and self evolution… – Personal development, health, sustainable-, regenerative thinking and collective shifts, plus a peaceful mind, philosophy, sacred economics spirituality…

Aswell as educational and philosophical resources

Alchemy, hermetics, spirituality, quantum physics, economy-ecology,

Anthropology- (astrology-astronomy-astrosophy)… ??☯️?

But now enjoy the ever expanding podcast list, grow ‘nd evolve together! Warmest – Benny

1. My Spotify Podcast Playlist

– for your Evolution
-Get positive, sustainable inspiration and empower uplifting vibes!

strong>uplifting – highly inspiring – mindblowing – empowering positive changes!

Amazing sustainable inspiration for a blossoming, regenerative future as a “Interbeing” -interconnected…

Do, listen or read every day 15-20 minutes something that brings you forward, to create the best version – every day 1% better and your life will improve faster than you ever thought <3

2. My ABSOLUTE favorite Podcasts – what inspires me most in these times.

incredible inspiration – Economy – Politics, sustainable holistic regeneration, philosophic amazing worldview and life changing inspirit <3

  • Plant yourself

a sustainable mind Podcast

+ On emotional Sustainability…

Rebel wisdomSense making in times of crisis

Daniel Schmachtenberger –> Risk, Possible szenarious, Solutions – responses
–> Crucial information and what to do (21.3.20)

Happy place – Podcast

  • Russel brand + charles eisenstein
  • joe rogan
  • rebel wisdom

2.3 – Deutsche Podcasts – German

+Episode: – Starkes Mindset in schwierigen Zeiten

  • Child of wild – Podcast der liebe, Echtheit, Natürlichkeit, der Reinhaiet und Kreativität, der Verbindung, der reinen Form von Liebe + des Vertrauens, der Gefühle, der Sinnlichkeit, des Fließenden, authentischen Seins –
  • Du bist schon alles, du warst es schon immer, du musst dich nur wieder daran erinnern <3

Personal & collective -Spiritual – evolution:

  • eckhart tolle
  • Abraham hicks
  • sadhguru – inner engineering and isha kriya yoga
  • Alan Watts – man of no ego + lectures + books
  • 7mind poddy + meditation app
  • kryon
  • gregg braden
  • Dr. joe dispenza

2.2 – Deutsche podcasts Nachhaltigkeit

Green German inspiration podcasts ???

  • Don’t waste be happy
  • Green vibes – für mehr Nachhaltigkeit
  • Zero waste your life
  • Veggie World
  • Fair Quatsch – der nach. Podcast
  • Planet A – nur mal kurz die Welt retten – audible podcast – MEGA!
  • Minimalismus podcast
  • Face the waste
  • Die Öko Tanten
Other amazing Podcasts and recommendations from wonderful friends

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