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Podcasts i loved listening recently – life enriching and healing

These podcasts are so eye opening and bringing out the best possible self and exciting us to follow purpose, trust, heal and evolve.

Heal with michael beckwith.

Brave new world – sovereign sharing

A course in syntropy

😍😍🌈☀️ Infinite potential – deepak chopra

Charles eisenstein

Food freedom project – rob greenfield

growing ya own food is like printing ya own money”

Living from land – industrial food system is broken and unreal mostly

So beautiful and powercul podcast.
Michaelbeckwith >agape spiritual COMMUNITY
” ‘
About healing
Souls purpose
Healing power of community
Why “we”die, or come sometimes for a short” period” into life.

So called bad happenings are actually rising the vibration (of family members, or collective family ☀️🌈☀️

And more 😍🙏

Rob greenfield

Minimalistic, social awesome, key motivator

Rob Green field

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