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Collection of online courses, positive, Regenerative Action Networks and more

Podcasts, networks, solution libraries that empower me and show everyone hope and connection.

Really wonderful, uplifting websites and conversations. Regeneration, positive action, inspiring online summits and so much more!

Shifting the paradigm from ‘leave no trace’ to ‘leaving a positive trace’ we create symbiotic partnerships with all There is a whole lot of land in this world that needs a whole lot of love from people like us, being on it and caring for it…

Through our actions, reactions and daily choices of consumption and lifestyle.

it can be ridiculously hard work so that is why we make it our mission for it to be fun and enjoyable!

The main mission of mine is serving life, connecting, empowering, skillsharing… and how can i be love, solution and my best self...

Podcasts, that open my eyes and hearts for massive, beneficial self reflection.

What do i really love and care for?

Just listened to that – just so eye opening and heart awakening for me!

Sacred sons Podcast- In Service To Life with Charles Eisenstein auf Castbox.

My most recent and favorite Podcasts and networks, that open my eyes more and more in so many ways! Giving me these awesome aha-MOMENTS! Positive change empowerment, networks, and just really stuff that inspires and enriches my life!

Hey hey fellow lovely Earthlings,
Hope youre doing wonderful!

This is the most exciting, uplifting and wonderful stuff i always love sharing!

Through these tools, I am more Remembering how easy it is, to Bee Solution, be the Love, being the change i want to see…

By just wanting it deeply for love and unity. Positive change, unconditional love for the whole.

2. (self) – Reflecting,

acting and asking

Also important, to get motivated for me, to be as much regenerative and pro planet as possible.

My favorite Networks, Websites, Solution Libraries – positive change Empowerment

1. Regenerative networks, solution libraries, education, communities

global community of people for regeneration and positive change.☀️ ?–? 

Charles + community – together for a new story +a more beautiful world + a new story community

(HOW TO HELP PeoPLE WITH USING a different LANGUAGE (art of talking, nonviolent, united, compassiknate… Loving. -podcast, author, positive change speaker, and amazing human! (books: climate – a new story)

Charles eisenstein podcast + ??? Awesome, mindblowing podcast

+ – community building, starting uniting for a cause – movie about Regenerative Agriculture, thebiggest, most important solution. ALSO network, movement for soil and earth advocates. – largest, independend health and science platform – the worlds 101 most comprehensive and potential solutions to regenerate and reverse the damage and “climate change”– – action and regenerative education courses etc. For free —

–? – restoration camps and ecovillages in nsw.

Age of union – igniting the change maker – FREE AUDIOBOOK AVAILABLE HERE

Sustainable and conscious living fb group 

Would you like to share your most wonderful, positive resources with me/us? To share the Love and uplifting stuff?! As one big family, with world, Community and positive change ☀️???

Warmest and all the possibly best. Health and love.

Your green thumbed Regeneratling, Benny ?

More podcast inspiration, masterclass for our goalachievement and more wonderful meditations etc. In this article

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