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Today’s featured newsletter article (sign up free here: – >An important scientific review identifies 25 of the top foods and herbs which kill the cancer stem cells at the root cause of cancer malignancy.

For those looking for natural alternatives for neurodegenerative ailments, this free masterclass is sure to provide information you won’t find elsewhere:

If you think you know about climate change or chemtrails and have not read this book, you probably don’t know even a fraction of what this brilliant researcher has put together. While it is deeply disturbing, I still believe that the truth will set us free. Support local bookstores by buying it on IndieBound:

Looking for evidence-based natural remedies?

For over a decade, has been indexing and providing direct access to tens of thousands of peer-reviewed and published studies on the health benefits of natural medicine. You can either search our article database for translational discussion of these profound alternatives:

or, you can search the primary literature via our abstract search, with over 60,000 studies, with more added daily:

Read Giorgio’s entire article on Greenmedinfo: “Medicine as a Religion” It is profound!

Popular Kitchen Remedy Puts Antibiotic To Shame, Research Reveals “Fighting infection with conventional antibiotics is becoming an increasingly hopeless affair. The CDC recently warned these drugs are useless in combatting deadly ‘super germs.’ So what can one do? Your kitchen holds the key.”

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If you have not yet caught this powerful and moving interview with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, it’s a very important contribution to the awakening happening around the world, and a cautionary note as far as seeing the fascist agendas descending under the cover of “COVID”:

Are you properly hydrated? What is the best kind of water to drink? Can the body use water to produce energy? What are the scientific/mystical properties of this essential element? Check out my latest livestream from my private membership community (Vital Life Project) here: If you are interested in becoming a member of this community, you can get a 30 day free trial by following the prompt below the video. Enjoy!

A balanced nervous system supports healthy brain function, mood and emotional stability and enhances physical health through supporting healthy digestion, detoxification and immune function, minimizing pain and calming inflammation.

Your parasympathetic nervous system activates your ability to relax and heal, routing blood flow to your organs of digestion and detoxification, slowing your heart rate, normalizing your breathing and calming anxiety and depression.

Learn to balance your nervous system when you attend The Parasympathetic Summit, happening November 9-15.

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