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Regenerative Empowerment Collection – Resources For Positive Action

Join the regenerative Real Evolution – here are Some of my favorite and Most Wonderful Resources in the World… This is Eye opening and Game Changing for us all… I call it Evolutionary!

Solution focussed Com Unity of Life

The Earth-Loving Collection for Positive Action, Empowerment and more Awareness! Just see what resonates most with you <3 Enjoy fellow Earthlings…

Much Love, your Green thumb, Benjy.

Discover Websites, core Solutions, life-changing Communities… Action -Networks for positive change – that will truly blow your mind I think…

You will also find here:

  • Movies, Movements, courses
  • Books, podcasts, websites and empowering communities for our future.

Share it if you love it, For a better future for us all! <3 I won’t Give up, I have faith in us… See why and Join the Global Movement of regenerative Action.

Spread the messages of hope with love and inspire others with these life-enriching Resources…

Thank you, you are creation and part of the Solution!

Green thumb

Mr 1 > Global Ecovillage Network & Solution Library

> Films For <3 free, empowering movies, short.

Life in syntropy > Video

Hey y’all. Watch this, to get a beautiful insight of the transformation with syntropic agroforestry in brasil and beyond. 

Course in syntropy – podcast and more

It depends on our little individual Actions now, What happens next! Find out how we shape The Blossoming future, by living in balance with nature. Pro Life, Pro Planet, Pro Future <3

Benjy <3

My Linktree to more articles and collections i made

Soil, not oil, holds the future for humanity.

— Vandana Shiva

My Nr. 1.2

Kiss the Ground – The Most Game-changing Movie and Movement

> with amazing Videos and Training for soil (earth) Advocates…

We can capture all excess carbon and reverse climate disaster

–> MOVEMENT with prominent Earth ambassadors standing up for our Home <3 about Regenerative Agriculture as the biggest, most important solution.

Great network and Education movement for soil and earth Regeneration.

Its time for greatness – Lets Love Out Loud for Life and our collective healing… Metamorphosis <3

Your Green Thumb, Benjo

2040 – Heard about The Movie 2040?! – Regenerating the Planet – Solutionary Global Movement

Join the Regeneration!

Resource collections – Websites for regenerative, sustainable action!

The last guardians of the amazon! Heart breaking and eye opening – what oil companies do in the amazon…
Course in syntropy > evolution, abundance, diversity… What life is striving for…

  1. Global.Ecovillage. Network.+solution library and connection of wonderful people
  2. Kiss the Ground – Eye Opening movie, movement and Soil Advocate – online Course
  3. Ecosia The search engine that plants trees and ecosystems and educates farmers and People around the world (africa, south-America…)
  4. 2040 the regeneration – Movie about the greatest solutions and regenerative Systems design…> Whats your 2040?

Vandana shivamovie.comDEEPLY IGNITING THE CHANGEMAKER AND SHOWING ENDLESS devotion for progressive evolutionary changes! <3

Syntropic and Regenerative Farming Education courses

Regenerative, permanent food production and human ecology education. Pro life. Pro planet.

How are we Buiding a sustainable and regenerative culture within living systems for the future – in the next couple years!? There are endless ways to live a meaningful life in abundance, plus being the solution not the damage.

That’s me 🙂 just a quick, passionated intro, about my mission and the things, that inspired enormous Action! <3

Movies & Videos

Finding joe

“This video and material collection is a brain-shift toward a brighter climate reality”. Phenomenally Inspiring Resources and platforms for positive change. Uplifting Regenerative innovation, and sustainable empowerment. This is My biggest and favorite collection of the world’s most wonderful and inspiring projects, Empowering movements aswell as online and offline communities for the Future of our phenomenal, living Planet.

Hello Fellow Earthlings, Welcome to the most exciting time in human history!

Discover how we make the change – Together, harmonic, Now! Regenerative Communities for a positive, regenerative change!

Watched Recently – A life on our Planet

Incredibly eye-opening… About David Attenborough’s Life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth, to grieve the loss of wild places and offer a vision for the future. There are statistics in here that will just break your hearts. Images there made me sobbing with pains that I just wanted to take instant action… WE Can’t just Zapp away anymore!

The Transition we need to make is possible – see how and discover the worlds most beautiful and Empowering People and inspirational Projects and global community of Action!

Benjy – Your green thumbed inspirator and solutionist <3

WE CAN AND NEED TO WORK TOGETHER, inform, inspire, share and shout out loud with love for Our wonderful planet <3 We need biodiversity and regenerative practices <3

–> My new Nr 1 Platform for Empowering inspiration

> Films For <3

for ANYONE who is interested in learning more about The Issues, root causes and biggest solutions!
> the power of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture ―and interested in sharing real, hopeful solutions to some of the biggest issues on our planet today.

Life-changing movies and movements for Regenerative, Global action

Communities of Hope – From Ecovillages of Europe for positive change <3

We need to create a value based system, with regenerative lifestyles and harmonic food systems.

Ecovillage – A way of life measured by the rhythms of nature, the depth of human connection, the vast horizon of human potential. It’s the way of life in ecovillages.

My Nr. 1 – Communities of Hope – We can make the difference – NOW and Together

Nr 1 – GEN – > Global Ecovillage Network – community of dedicated people for regeneration and positive change. >Online courses, summits, books, and so much more…  

  • > Regenerative Education
  • > ecovillage design courses
  • > change-makers summits
  • > huge solution library from global ecovillages
  1. /2 > Gaia Education is an international NGO that provides students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with knowledge and skills to design a thriving, regenerative society.

“We teach our students how to use energy and resources with greater efficiency, distribute wealth equitably, and make quality of life the focus of future thinking.”

Gaia education

2040-The Regeneration – We save our planet

Crisis as opportunity – full Documentary:

The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness

philosophical, technical science and real world stuff – Paradigm changing world view

Article with videos and Movies that changed my life

Inspiration > Charles Eisenstein – one of the greatest Authors and Podcaster

1.4 – New and Ancient Story – Online Community

  • Collective and self-evolution and nonviolent communication for positive change.
  • (HOW TO HELP People and planet, by USING a Harmonic, new and different LANGUAGE
  • (the art of Afluentual talking, nonviolent, united, compassiknate… Loving! <3

Podcast – website, Books from the wonderful Charles…

> Speaker, researcher, author, positive change speaker, and amazing human! 

(booktip: climate – a new story)

  • Book – The ascent of humanity – “The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self.”

More incredibly inspiring movies and Audio


💚  … Is There Hope for the Planet Among Our Young People?

Charles Eisenstein Podcast

  1. – “A Sustainable Mind
  2. Mindvalley Podcast
  3. – “A New and Ancient Story – Charles Eisenstein”
  4. YT-Video about A new and ancient story
  5. “Roe rogan experience” – With paul stamets, etc.
  6. (More Here)

– “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Life Enriching Books:

(Really eye opening and life changing books!) <3

  • Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Climate – a new story – charles eisenstein
  • “The alchemist” – Paolo cohelo. (Wisdom for Life path, purpose, dreams – always wonderful)
  • The celestine prophecy
  • “conversations with god” – Neale donald walsch (solutions for humanities biggest challenges and deepest questions – Relationships, fear, war, global freedom, spirituality, etc.)
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza – You are the placebo
  • The Why Cafe

Free Audiobook – “Age OF Union

Age of Union is a compelling guide, thats really igniting today’s changemaker. Grounded in four pillars—leadership, culture, spirituality, and nature—the book advocates that the time for change is now and that our choices are the catalyst.

Earth lovers are everywhere,

Who do you want to become? Where is your tribe? Here you will find the communities and online events that inspired positive, regenerative changes in my life.

2. More Transformational Resources:

The stairway to Global harmony, regeneration, health, and self-evolution…

My favorite Amazing Resources:

  • Grounded Permaculture Events > AUSTRALIA – NSW –> Grounded permaculture events and action parties
  • > (USA-South America based) – but globally applicable Regeneration Projects, Solution Library, Communities for Positive Change <3
  • >BECOMING A CHANGE MAKER… free online Courses, – action and LIFE CHANGING, FREE courses…
  • Connecting to positive change + Action
  • – Solution library –  communities around the world
  • – Regenerative Action and Education
  • –> Online courses, How to build eco- Villages, farming, etc. 

Life changing Education Platforms, Wisdom, People

-> The worlds leading personal development platform in all aspects of life and beyond transformation of humanity

Life changing and incredibly transforming

we just need to go, where the people we want to be with are, not sticking to old paradigm people.

Like i always say, there is so much wonderful and mind blowing and truly heart warming Positive stuff going on.

  1. Transformative Books from Mindvalleys founder – Vishen lakhiani:
    + “the Buddha and the badass” #book
    + “the code of the Extraordinary mind”


    • Worlds largest and independent health, healing and science platform, that links the truth and positive people together
    • book: Regenerate – founder sayer ji + ayurOrganics. Com

  • – is a digital library dedicated to offering you in-depth, high-quality expert talks on a range of health conditions…

Education – Personal evolution – Spiritual development

 Our Great Transformation Begins Now!

  • – Yoga, Gaia Education, Mindfulness, Spiritual Evolution

Short amazing education, transformative inspirit – parables and more…

Videos from Charles that opened my eyes and help us understand

Podcasts – More Life changing, eye-opening and motivating stuff!! 

–> the worlds leading-edge innovators and disruptive creators, for lasting, positive change

Power of now, Mind and healing through awareness and re-programming

Science proves what spirituality knows since millennials – healing of mind, body soul

5. Petitions that have amazing positive impacts

–> Positive change – drops create ripple effects

408,044,416 people taking action already. Victories every day.

OFFSETTING OUR FOOTPRINT – Flight, Netflix, life:
– green netflix –> – plant nd chill while watching movies 

Charity/- products – supporting good projects

  • 4ocean
  • oceanRevolution + The ocean clean up
  • Ecosia,
  • The ocean clean up 
  • 2040 – the regeneration 

  • My next reads:
    The Ascent of HumanityThe Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book describes how all the


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