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My top 5 online communities and workshops – Uplifting Courses for regenerative positive Change – Ecovillages and Communities for future

Aloha, her i share with you my most wonderful collection of engaging, uplifting online summits and heart warming communities for future, i know! Emerging from pandemic to interbeing and opportunity – engagement… Enjoy, what i think is Regenerative Action Education, for REAL POSITIVE CHANGE.

Introduction to the communities for future, and deepening towards our regenerative future.

Why should you have a look into + Read more in this article

-> why i find these online courses so valuable, empowering and life enriching.

Lets be the change, zhe Love, the kindness and regeneration we want to see, meet and be.

Mahatma g. + The green thumb

Massive positive actions in all areas is happening. We are creating ripple effects of change, regenerative action and regenerative education. positive change through each word we say, each seed we plant. Each article we share. Each course we do.

1. What is communities for future and its wonderfulbenefits for economy, people, ecology… OUR PLANET 🌏

2. My favorite Online courses for positive change, regeneration and community design

3. More info, articles, regenerative empowerment i love!! 😍

1. Communities for Future (CfF) is a new, integrated Europe-wide programme to inspire, empower and enable local community-led responses to the climate and ecological emergency. Focusing on citizen engagement at the sub-municipal (village or neighbourhood) level.

2. My favorite and most empowering Communities, networks and courses

1. GEN INTRO COURSE – About ecovillage design, regenerative community principles and examples of ecovillages –

About the course (copied from gen)

2. regenerative life and design course

2.1 – communities for future 2020 online summit

3. The “New and ancient story” Community – inspired by charles eisenstein

-> here the mind blowing and heart warming books of his:

A more beautiful world

Sacred economics

A new and ancient story


4. Greenmedinfos community, books and online summit – Regenerate yourself

5.plant ethnonation summit – medicinal plants –

More about communities for future

CfF also connects communities and stakeholders at other levels, helping to build resilience, revive local-to-regional economies

+ also reimagine and redesign the systems and institutions on which we depend. 

-> The programme emerged from the work of 42 ECOLISE members across Europe, and is being launched in partnership with the EESC – European Economic and Social Committee, RURENER and Ripess Europe.

It’s launch will explore the potential of communities to revive local economies as we emerge from the pandemic in a way that takes account of the deepening climate and ecological crises and the urgent need for deeper societal transformation. It recognises that there is no one solution fits all.

Engaging citizens locally, and bridging divides, creating interaction between rural and urban, young and old, North and South and East and West Europe, are an essential part of the mission. Communities for Future values and puts communities and citizens at the centre of the conversation. To learn more about CfF, go here:

Articles and collections of networks, platforms – for positive change.

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