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My Present and Yours for The World

The biggest present you can do me, Is sharing Empowering Videos and things like this, Caring for our wonderful Planet ❤ Lets be the change, Its Time For Greatness my Friends! ❤

More links to wonderful movies and Articles with POSITIVE, Constructive Inspiration>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ❤

#shareOurplanet❤ How can restoring And Regenerating nature be the Biggest Solution to our Survival?

Well my friends, these short videos are so wonderful, phenomenally inspiring and heart connecting, that I don’t need more words.

#Unity#childrenOfTheEarth#PresentYourSelf Be the Gift for the world, Friends, Workplace, LIFE ON EARTH ❤

How to Bring wonder into your life


Just Be The Person you want to meet – The smiling, thankful, Positive energizing Being That inspires and uplifts others <3

Namaste, Benjo Regenerative beardo.

Talking about issues and just doing what you think is good for the planet and people or the environment around you… NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS, The right people will love you and connect with you.

If you never change to who you wanna be, you will never live the Life with people who are this way. The most amazing things happen, once we just change a bit every day. __________________________________#4soil#kisstheGround#LoveYourPlanet#ourpanet#regeneration#extinctionRebellion

saving our planet is about Alignment!

Never before there were more people that are standing up and addressing Poverty and global warming solutions ❤

IT IS NOT HARD! With regenerative agriculture

–> Farmers earn MORE MONEY, MORE FERTILITY, Healthy WATER GETS PURIFIED From nature,

  • AND NO MORE SICK PEOPLE –> HEALTHY, Pesticide free Food
  • Thats evolution and regenerative alignment

Big SOLUTIONs Everyone can do:

Regenerative Food and Lifestyle – Farming – Urban – Living

  • Dont produce more trash – dont pollute more than you need
  • just dont buy from Planet negative company –> They only want profit over the planet and you!

Regenerative, Eco-Logically Acting Companies love what they do and do it for your health aswell

  • You appreciate it in a totally different way – Gratitude <3
  • Regenerative Food and consumption
  • Sustainable produce – ethically right

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