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Positive Inspiration for your Evolution – Let´s Focuse Positve Things in times of Confusion

Lets gather together for positive change my friends
Lets gather together for positive change my friends <3

What´s in:

Here a little Video inspiration, some words, that came up in my heart-Head- space i wanted to share, because that´s really uplifting me, always, even if i´m never negative or unhappy etc. It´s putting the important things in present.

At the end
– i list some incredible Documentaries, youtube Videos, Audiobooks and Teachers for our inner and outter Evolution

enjoy wonderful being, Naaste, your bearded inspirit, benny, benjamin or benno 🙂

Aloha and Ubuntu lovely people! 

Ubuntu means “My wellbeing is yours” in the short version. 

In these times of uncertainty, confusion through the mainstream and interests of different parties etc… We have to stand together for life, freedom, love and the truth my friends! Don´t let anger, fear, hatress and seperation take place in your heart, just because someone tells us.

But let´s go on to the important things in life <3 


I am here, because i love inspiring people with amazing tools for our own and global evolution! I learned and saw, how powerful books, documentaries, conversations and just short videos are, for a fully life changing experience, towards abundance and wonderful experiences!

I want to Serve and Protect our mother nature, humanity and all life wherever i can, to regenerate our wonderful home! We are all children of this earth and all related – universal, in divine oneness! And we are learning it again! <3

And i love to encourage everyone for positive, collective change! Because it is doable and important for our collective evolution, our awakening!

We got all the amazing tools and instruments for positive change, we need!

  • Our Global Sustainable evolution – Eco instead of ego
  • Uniting in Love and harmony
  • For our Collective Metamorphosis my Friends

Let´s come together and be awesome together!

Fullfill your Dreams – follow your heart!

You deserve a happy, wonderful life every day!
What is your vision – Just start now to go this direction and Magic will happen

This magic is called life!

Life supports you in the most unbelievable ways, if you´re following your heart and highest dreams –> Called “Your Purpose”

– You are here to fulfill that! 

You are awesome – Humans are awesome!

 If your heart is pulling you somewhere FOLLOW IT – no matter whats in the way

the obstacle is the way – mistakes are there to fall forward

Grow – learn – evolve and follow your heart

learn from people who are already, where you wanna be

You are Kind – Be you –

Take responsibility for your moments – actions and move forward

take now the first steps towards your dreams 

The past is gone <3-

  • Now is time to create the life you want

    Happiness is the way – not the goal

    do more what makes you happy and life will deliver everything you need

    Life – universe loves you – Have faith

    –> The Book:

    “The Alchemist” HELPED ME TO Realise and follow my heart and my dreams <3

Inspiration and wonderful resources for Positive change and self evolution



Mega beautiful and incredibly eye opening 🤩🕉☯️ To understand life and fundamentals of taoism – Daoism a bit deeper 💚🌎🦋

The Tao means – The way


The daoist way – fully wisdom for life 



Youtube Documentaries – Audiobooks and podcasts etc. 

  • Samadhi → really intense wisdom but deep and eye opening 

  • Inner world outter world 

  • HEAL – DOCO 

  • Eckhart tolle – new earth – power of now

  • Dr joe dispenza – 

  • Alan watts 

  • alan watts sound healing

  • Gregg braden – GAIA 

charles eisenstein – A More Beautiful World Is Possible at Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations 

–> One of my favorite positive change inspiriter – Charles eisensten – Podcast “A new and ancient story”


Quick about this wonderful change makers podcast and website:





We are already creating a new story of interbeing – global and social health – sustainable economics. Etc. 

It is just wonderful to see and to feel these incredible and so much needed changens for our planet!



We are mirror of the world – everything we do and accept in the world is, what we accept doing to ourselves 💚☯️🦋🌈🌅


I just saw at my morning run and yoga at the beach at burrum heads a dead shark, even more… his head without teeth and the middle part – cut off!!!

Horrible what people can do! I love these wonderful animals and all life so much, i could never do this!


But that is also what motivates me to do positive inspiration, talk about and spread solutions, positive inspiration, most important


“Love – Unity – forgiveness – sustainable inspiration”



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