Arc of real evolution

Let´s Focus Positive, Amazing Solutions, Networks And Wonderful happenings!

Whats in – Content Overview:

1. Prewords – About (Quick intro Video-soon)
– Few inspirational words for positive, sustainable changes – Focusing the good things, solutions and what we can do

1.2 – Big Content overview – Guideline – List with the Topics and insights

1.-Aloha -Invitation 

– Welcoming you with inspiration about these incredible, wonderful things and miraculous solutions, projects and positive, sustainable amazingness! (Need to hold myself back to not write so much 🙂

2. Innovations – Projects – Technologies
– Get positive inspired – How mushrooms, alges, Hemp, Permaculture, syntropy in life create a new paradigm – for a sustainable evolution and harmony!

2.1 – Resources – Links and little descriptions to:

2.2 – Websites – Solution libraries – positive change networks
2.3 – Regeneration Projects  – 

  • Mind blowing Innovations – new (nano) -Technologies – Regenerative farming etc.
  • Urban greening – carbon sequestion
  • Real renewables, energy solutions and more

3. Resources – Links – Videos – Podcasts

– Videos that chan change your life

Podcasts for personal development – spiritual evolution – Sustainability

– Mindfulness,

– Youtube channels and my playlists with amazing inspiration and motivation!

– Communities and groups (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

–> Connect to positve and wonderful people and places – re -engineer your life to the positive <3

–> Find more inspiration and places where you can go – and do what you really love!

– personal and collective development and regenerative living

Let´s solve humanities hardest challenges – Encouraging and empowering!

– There are endless wonderful things to learn – wonderful people you can connect to

My journey to real purpose inner peace, true happiness, loving life and positive change
epiphanies and realisations on my river of life
My Purpose– Love for positive, sustainable inspiration – collective harmony and regenerative a future <3

4. Wisdom for life – Inspiring QuotesThoughts –  <3

5. – My Purpose Life goals – Vision and mission – My Big 5 – ROI

This is how we change the world with a tiny giving act of kindness! I love it so much!

That´s exactly what i mean, with creating ripple effects, by being the individual drop of change <3 

I shows you the power of tiny acts of kindness and giving from small circles into wonderful, massive movements.Take this absolutely amazing example, how tiny acts, started in a small family, fun project and created massive wonderful ripple effects of positive inspiration, happiness and a better world <3 

Over 4.5 Million views already and over 5000 children in 25 schools – SHARING THE DAILY GIVING STORIES!!

–> making a better world – connecting people to each other – making people happy and inspiring positive change

How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the

World | Jacqueline Way | TEDxStanleyPark

We all can do it with the tiniest acts of giving, kindness, love and compassion!

And that´s how i feel this is the perfect start for this article, just came perfectly into my life! Love this wonderful “Synchronizities” 

Just start today and make someone smile – AND SMILE TOGETHER – and the world smiles as a result <3

“Little Things” like that are changing the world!
The 365 give “challenge” –> Blog fo kindness and daily giving stories <3 

  1. Prewords – About this article with positive, sustainable inspiration to empower and spread the tools and solutons
    • Get positive inspiration with the most amazing Solutions and wonderful, heart warming Projects.
    • Websites, networks and resources for positive, collective change 
    • Spread the love and motivating resources, to inspire others with hope and Solutions, we all need, to be the change we want to see in this beautiful world!
    • For our planet, our mother nature, because she gave us everything, it´s time to be thankful and give her back <3

      Aloha wonderful people, let´s connect and get inspired with wonderful, positive and amazing things!


      Do you want to discover, how not just mushrooms, hemp and alges are a big part in “saving” the planet in times like these? I always love to inspire people with these positive things, life changing solutions and highly inspiring and motivating stuff!

      I think everyone loves and needs to see the most positive, amazing solutions and innovations in times of confusion, fear spreading beer… ähm media i mean and the uncertainty…

      1. Welcome then, wonderful friends, shut the TV and radio off and turn on the good vibes and awesome things we can do!
      2. People want to know where to connect to, what to do and where to find these amazing things in the world, when i´m talking about.

        • I want to Level up your faith, direct your focus towards hope, love and positive, constructive happenings, because that´s what we need most, now.

Get happy vibes and spread the empowering, good and sustainable news and solutions for Humanities “crisis”

      1. these are simply amazing and super -relevant resources to change the old story into a new, harmonic and sustainable paradigm for all life on earth! 🙂 We are one – No race, borders, religions, skin colour changes that, we leave the system of separation, destruction and fear… For a sustainable, regenerative interbeing, oneness, what our true nature really is!


Why i collect everything here, as part of my purpose and my passion – “Big 5 – My reason of existance” <3 

(John strelecky´s Books – “The why cafe” and “The big five for life” 

    • Using our social networks and power of the internet to unite and spread the wonderful things, that happen everywhere around the globe and inside of humanity

    • Instead of wasting our wonderful lifetime and energy with things we can´t change

  1. We are the regeneration – You are the solution – See how amazing humans are! Get inspired – empowered – focus the good things, let´s evolve together in these critical, but wonderful golden times! <3 


Let´s gather together – get in contact and may work together for a blossoming, regenerative future – Humanity <3


 (Contact form on the right side)



Content Overview – Get positive inspired with:

1. Invitation and few inspirational words
– Inspiration and a few warm and hopfefully inspiring and motivating words about the game changing happenings in our wonderful world, that inspire and motivate me most.


2.1 – Websites – Biggest Solution Libraries – Networks for positive change

See how amazing humans are and get inspired! If you love it, you maybe connect to a ecovillage near you 🙂

 –> List with some of the most amazing solutions, projects and innovations

2.2 – Regeneration Projects – Ecosystem restoration

Reforestation – Heart warming Regeneration Projects, regenerative communities

– Everything we need to “Drawdown” to reverse and regenerate in our “REAL CLIMATE CRISIS” 

– Large scale regeneration Projects, Innovations, and amazing changes


2.3 Mind blowing Innovations – new Technologies – Regenerative farming etc.

– Next Generation farming – New and ancient Farming Methods 

– Urban Greening – 

– Mind blowing (nano) –Technologies – Solar – hydrogen – Real renewables and more





 4. Few Words from the important learnings and epiphanies i had the last years

– Inspiring quotes to think differently, above, under and around the edge 🙂

–> Create and add new value to your life




1. Invitation


See, why i´m endless positive and faithful that we as family -humanity will thrive

There is so much wonderful movement happening what the media never shows… Join the tsunami of positive change – Discover, tht We are the individual drops that creates the waves – in the ocean of endless possibilities and opportunities for everyone <3 

Creating ripple effects and connecting in the realm of endless possibilities for a blossoming future re-Generation <3

See the following, that motivates and inspires me, aswell as it empowers endless happiness and constructive optimism! 

Humans are awesome – and we live in a wonderful world full of miracles and amazing solutions!

Massive positive, collective changes, and regeneration that is already happening. 



2.1 –Inspirations – Insights

Hope and Life changing inspiration for everyone! Get Positive, sustainable inspired!

****Insight into the heart warming things, that will blow your mind:****

–> Click on the link, to come to videos or websites

My Youtube Playlists with the following:
  1. REGENERATION -Reforestation – We are the RE-Generation
  • Urban gardening, Permaculture, Syntropic agroforestry – Vertical farming aquaponics etc.
  • carbon sequestion through artificial moss and grass walls,
  • Ink made out of pollution (Air ink)
  • the great green wall in africa, 

  • desert greening with john d. liu 

  • Regeneration projects through seedbombing per drone

  • Marine permaculture –> Kelp farming and ocean restauration by creating superfoods, fuel and bringing life back (Green wave) and california 

  • How we safe the world with mushrooms – fungi – mycelium – Paul stamets – Ted etc.

  • why we´re heading into a hempful future,  by 3D -Printing everything 

  • where airplanes, boats and our houses are 3d PRINTED with hempcrete and other natural resources (straw, mud, bamboo, plastic, mushrooms, alges etc.)

  • –> Over to new, real renewables for everyone and technologies –>

  • to teslas power roof and solar hydrogen with osmosis reverse, to bring saltwater into drinking water in Africa and green the deserts

  • Movies to see solutions and positive changes in action:

  • (2040 – tomorrow – Hope – inhabit – syntropy in life ) 

  • My Playlist with documentaries and life changing movies <3 


Hope and motivating inspiration, to work towards a common goal, protecting and serving life on earth – our home!

Lot of people need hope and focusing the good things in these confusing, uncertain times, but they dont know where to find, lets change that <3


It´s time for our global metamorphosis,

  • Beginning within our self evolution and personal health and development <3
    (Personal and spiritual improvement/develop.)
  • Podcasts, books, videos, movies, Websites and amazing networks for social and global positive change!
  • creating together a healthier environment, a sustainable mindset to serve and protect life on earth
  • –> Taking care of our inner garden eden – paradise
    then we automatically bring shine, sustainable love and peace to the outter world <3

2.2 - Resources - Links - Websites - all we need to thrive! <3

2.1 Biggest Solution Libraries – Websites – Positive Change -Networks 

The most wonderful, mind blowing and important solutions 

– where you find them and how to apply and connect


  1. Gen – Global Ecovillage network + Solution library 

(Find GEN-Ecovillage also on Facebook – Youtube and Vimeo)

The Global Ecovillage Network – People come together with knowledge, wisdom and love for a blossoming and harmonic future planet <3 

GEN envisions a world of people designing regenerative futures, building bridges of hope, and forging international solidarity

The Venus Project for collective, sustainable change – socia econimical re engineering 

Let´s support and be positive change with tiny actions and shifts <3



“Drawdown” – Solutions 


Website full of amazing Solutions and wonderful inspiration <3 


  1. – most comprehensive solutions for climate change and our global crisis 

  2. The Book „Drawdown“ from chad Frischmann – the most comprehensive plan to reverse climate change
  3. Vimeo collection – Chad Frischmann – Drawdown Solutions
  4. Ted Talk – 100 Solutions to climate change – chad Frischmann 

(soon) Groups and Networks for positive change and power of community:

  • GEN-Ecovillage network – TED
  •  Facebook groups 

2.2 Regeneration-Projects – Innovations – Solutions

(More amazing projects soon) 

I wanna spread hope and inspire you to get a idea of the blossoming, new paradigm, were heading towards!

We are already creating a blossoming, Happy, healthy, harmonic and peaceful collective for a new story on this wonderful planet earth!
The Real, sustainable evolution we need!! Away from destruction, confusion, war and fear! <3
We know what´s wrong – We got all the solutions and tools we need – Let´s re-engineer the old system into a new, wonderful story – it´s in our hands my wonderful friends!

Random positive inspiration you might love to see:

THE “cup of life” –

3. My journey to real purpose inner peace, true happiness, loving life and positive change

4. Thoughts - Quotes Words to inspire "Self EVOLUTION" = Metamorphosis

 Inspiration with my epiphanies and realisations on my river of life 

My Purpose

– Creating Projects to help our Mother nature

– Connecting to positive people and places

– Real love for positive, sustainable inspiration 

– Collective harmony and a regenerative a future <3
With my realisations and epiphanies i had on my journey in the last 2 years 

When “miracles” and wonderful things happen… 

once i started going the way of my heart and listened to my inner guidance, my intuition, the language of our soul, or the universe. 

(Incredible Synchronizities started with Book: “the Alchemist – from Paolo Coehlo)

People who know me, know that i am already always happy, constructive positive, but on my journey i discovert my true self and conscious being and how to listen to my heart, what i never really understood bevore. (Being aware of our thoughts, emotions, environment – Not a victim of conditions and the “tool” – our mind we should use and not being used…

Holding on on negativity, sadness or things is just the conditioned EGO 

It´s just not serving my highest good, my evolution or helping in any other way. 

Tools that helped me grow and evolve – Guiding to true happiness our own path in life

Through books, conversations, documentaries and self realisations on my inner and outter journey, i found more and more inner peace and real happiness in everything and every moment.

Disidentification, independency on outter circumstances and true happiness in the now, by having faith in the povitive outcome, but being ok with everything at the same time – “The divine Dichotomy”

 Inspired by amazing books and teachers like: 

– Eckhart Tolle – Neale Donald Walsch-Conversations with god

– Alan watts – Dr. joe dispenza – The Alchemist-Paolo c. – 

Now i really know, what my true passion and purpose is from deep inside to serve life, inspire positive change and create ripple effects and regenerative thinking <3 

How i found Positive change, People and Solutions -inspiration

I asked the universe – Where is the good, Positve change – I started going and connecting to organic farms researched for solutions library and regeneration projects for a regenerative future.

Ecovillages combining all these into wonderful communities around the globe! How wonderful is that i thought though!

I found out about thath through a girl on a organic farm i volunteered, at the beginning of my australian adventure! Synchronizities are happening, if we are following our heart and listen to our inner voice!

Over all i will inspire you here to be the change YOU want to see aswell and inspire others, to support the already happening, massive chain reactions of positive changes, By doing what you really love with people and places, that inspire you positive, to create the life you really want to live! 

How i started – re engineering my Inner and outter garden

– Focusing the good things, that i can change, NOW, 

– Researching, what´s helping me to progress. 

– Personal development – Books, Videos, Ted talks

– Spiritual 

– Also just by creating positive thoughts and emotions, i attract good things 🙂 

Remember: “If you worrie you make it double, so don´t worry, be happy”

By learning bout how we evolve and reverse the damage our species did. How we heal our selves, the planet and our relationship to our true nature, with everything we need for our individual and global, sustainable evolution!

Amazing positive happenings inside humanity and as a result around this wonderful earth we are honored to live and evolve on!

Supporting and being the positive change we want to see


Things we can easily do, to direct the power in form of our lifetime and money towards good, sustainable companies. With the most amazing and mind blowing innovations, that uplift our life and humanity!


Supporting positive, sustainable changes, by just taking the power from the companies and systems, that destroyed our planet for profit. They are poisoning our health and everything we love! We can and we will stop and reverse that! By just living healthy and more sustainable, yes it is that easy!

Happiness - positve thoughts - inspiration<3


“There are no problems – only solutions” <3

There is no failure – just growing through, falling forward and learning!

Find happiness in the way – not the goal or the fruits

the obstacle is the way – the way is the goal – The Tao – happiness in the way


– Happiness is, if i see everything on the path as part of the highest goals – awakening – oneness – consciousness –

– Nothing from the outside can really harm or change my inner real self

Every moment is a choice – Your choice

Everything is always a choice – i choose to think happy, constructive – positive – no matter what others say, think or do – or society tells me

Following – living my dreams

If i know, what i really love trusting my inner voice – follow my heart, then i have a vision, verything on my way is part of that – because i´m on the way to my goals- I am successfull!


–> Life and personal success begins outside of our comfort zone!

– Finding my Purpose in this life and feeling it from deep inside, by leaving everything behind – friends, home, work, “safety”, comfortzone

–> And true happiness can not be found in “Things” outside

– Find your Big Why – Your reason of existance – ROE/ZDE

 -“the big 5 in life” – (how john strelecky calls it in that book)

I realised my Life Vision of positive change – regeneration – inspiriation 

My bucket list – What my heart tells me – 
My intuition guides me <3 

5 - My Purpose in this life - My Big 5 - ROI

One My goals for life:

1. Co – Creating a Eco-village – Regeneration – Innovation, Harmony and healing Community – The “Ubuntu

–> Marine permaculture + regeneration ecovillage –> desert and ocean regeneration <3

– bringing together innovations, holistic, regenerative farming, healing, technologies and like mindet people <3


More soon … 


Hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration!

Le´s get sustainably connected —> On the right side is the contact form 


I wish you just the best, love, constructive optimism and a happy, healthy and wonderful life! 

Namaste, and warmest 

– Your Benny for positive, sustainable inspiration!

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