Arc of real evolution

Pro Planet – The Rainbow Resource Collection – Life enriching Resources

Links to Resources from rainbow friends, travellers and myself, to help healing and evolving. Regenerating our selves, the real and sacred connection to our home and mother… All that i learned, love and that helpes me so far,to help you evolve and creating ripple effects with and for everyone around.

Only together as a Pro Planet tribe, we can and will evolve together!

co-creating a regenerative society and helping our wonderful planet. Mother nature gave us everything, lets give her back, by empowering and uplifting each other, with all we know and love.

The Landing page, as my gift for the world. Discover, empowering and uplifting Projects, solutions and innovations the world needs to seen!

Links To stuff that Will Change your life and The course of the titanic!

Inspiring, uplifting, positive constructive.

At least a few things in these lists will blow your mind and can change your worldview to the best Version.

Share your favorite resources, if you like to help others – because we are one world community.

Connecting – Growing – Evolving together

1. Regeneration networks + Action + Innovation + Solutions

the worlds wonderful projects, online resources, tools etc…

  • + networks
  • + websites, courses, regenerative action.
  • -> Websites, channels, networks, positive change
  • empowering inspiration

2. Uplifting, educating, motivating

  • Podcasts, courses,
  • Videos, movies, docos
  • Music, speakers, channels

2. experiences

I collected all hacks, keys, videos, links on this page: COLLECTION

2.2 – garden life hacks
+ afilliates
+ eco innovations – building

+Garden, House, Eco Life hacks,
+Innovations, Game changing eco solutions,
+Health, heal – protect
Water, bees, emfs

+ heal, health, protect + saving bees

– magnets – benefits, science, proof
Filter + revitalising
+ shungites + shungite bee hives…
+ emf, wifi, radiation, microwave protect
+ harmonisation – ALL IN ONE

+ solar innovations
– solar” sun reflector oven
+ eco building links
+ ideas + earrhships

3. Health, protection, emf and detox

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