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Pro Future ~HUB ~ Empowering collection for Positive Global Change ~ loving out loud together

Aloha, this is ~ A Evolutionary Resource collection for positive change. Solutionary empowerment that’s igniting Regenerative action and The “change Agents” in Millions of people. Not just showing actionable solutions but bringing hope and Re~unity for our future ~ See what we can do together.

Its time for greatness!! We are evolving! ~ Let’s stand up together and love out loud ~ wherever we can ~ For our Future ~ Pro Planet ~ Pro Life ~ syntropic, regenerative, permanent <3

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My Favorite Resources ~ Positive Change ~ Com Unities for future, Inspiration ~ Meaning ~ Action <3

Recent ARTICLE ~ Regenerative Farming ~ Biggest solution ~ with intros…

How regenerative Agriculture can safe our Planet and humanity ~ with game changing Regenerative food Production Videos, Resources

The Re~generative oasis for compassionate learning, unlearning, Unity and sense-making

  1. Naas community ~ join us, creating a New and ancient story ~ for positive change, relating, creating a new but ancient paradigm of interbeing <3
  2. Charles Eisenstein – Eye opening and empowering Videos
  3. his amazing books like Climate a new story
  4. The more beautiful world ~ our hearts KNOW is possible

What is Separation VS interbeing ~ Charles Video

  1. Brave New Life ~community ~ Evolutionary Conversations, Meetups, Learn about syntropic, regenerative relating, Solutions, ComUnity for our Future <3

The Importance of Revolutionary Optimism ~ Films for acton.org

  1. Films for action ~> Free Eye opening documentaries that always motivate, inspire change and sometimes make me cry for good~!
  2. Waterbear network
  3. Global EcoVillage Network ~ Solution library, online courses and a global network of Earth Heroes!~
  4. Earth Heroes Tv
  6. Brave new life ~ Syntropy inspires ~ amazingly through sovereign The syntropic eco~sophist (ecology philosophy <3
  7. Charles eisensteing


– Networking and Empowerment – sustainable

  • connecting to positive people, empowering life-changing inspiration and places:
  • GEN – Ecovillage.org – the Global Ecovillage Network
  • SOLUTION LIBRARY, innovations,
  • Collective healing,
  • Regenerative communities WORLDWIDE
  • Online courses and
  • practical garden/farming and more

Hey wonderful beings, connecting here a few words of inspiration, and my favourite Resources for positive change, online communities, solution libraries, channels and more… enjoy the wonder, you are amazing~!~

Spotify Playlist with some beautifully inspiring songs and journeys 🙂

~ imagine, all the people… 

Acting for life and Living life for peace ~ United in the now – with no borders, possessions greed or hatress… 

A Brother~ and sister ~hood of Love ~ because that is what we are,

…you may think that I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one <3 

Klick –> Jump down to the list with all the Links 

  • –>my favourite and most exciting resources for positive change and human transformation.
  • Pro Life ~ VLOG ~ (There will be soon Videos about 
  • ~ I”m happy to collaborate, to spread all these amazing things into the world)

This information is changing lives and the story of Humanity.

Let’s spread Hope, Love, solutions and Harmony – Humanity and our wonderful planet needs us!

Where Change Starts…

Positive collective change starts within us and then by empowering others with The most wonderful, motivating, and uplifting resources from the most wonderful human beings. 

Humans are awesome and there is endless hope! 

WITH WORLD leading-edge thinkers, positive sustainable minds, and inspiration for a happy, healthy, sustainable life in harmony with nature.


The Resource collection:

My favorite Resources – Inspiration and Sustainable Empowerment

Get Hope, spread love and solutions with these life-enriching Resources…


Our stairway to Global harmony, regeneration, health, and self-evolution…

  1. GEN – Ecovillage.org – the Global Ecovillage Network 
  • Connecting to positive change + Action
  • – Solution library –  communities around the world
  • – Regenerative Action and Education
  • –> Online courses, How to build eco- Villages, farming, etc. 
  1. Ecosia.org – a search engine that co-creates ecosystems, educates farmers in Africa, South America, etc. —> Biggest impact for the regeneration of our Planet
  1. Project drawdown.org – the most comprehensive plan to reverse climate change and regenerate – – Chad Frischmann – Drawdown Solutions to reverse climate change and regenerate!
    –> TED TALK
  1. Www.Mindvalley.Com -> The worlds leading personal development platform in all aspects of life and beyond transformation of humanity
    1. Meditation, podcasts, healing workshops, sound journeys x3
      -> Mindvalley #podcast
  2. Greatest, transformative Books from Mindvalleys founder – Vishen lakhiani:
    + “the Buddha and the badass” #book
    + “the code of the Extraordinary mind”


  • Www.greenmedinfo.com
    • Worlds largest and independent health, healing and science platform, that links the truth and positive people together
    • book: Regenerate – founder sayer ji
  • Healthmeans.com – is a digital library dedicated to offering you in-depth, high-quality expert talks on a range of health conditions…

  1. Hope-the project – Food matters –> Movie Trailer and action network
  2. 2040 – The Regeneration –> Solutions, innovations

– possible future of our children –> Whatsyour2040.com

  1. grow.Foodrevolution.org – The need to grow –> Movie, network, movement for regenerative action baby!

Education – Personal evolution – Spiritual development

 Our Great Transformation Begins Now!

  • Mindvalley.com – The worlds best and most transformative teachers, leading-edge Education and Health improvement
  • Gaia.com – Yoga, Gaia Education, Mindfulness, Spiritual Evolution

Short amazing education, transformative inspirit – parables and more…

Videos from Charles that opened my eyes and help us understand

Most Life changing, eye-opening and motivating stuff!! 

–> the worlds leading-edge innovators and disruptive creators, for lasting, positive change


Life changing Books

Power of now, Mind and healing through awareness and re-programming

Science proves what spirituality knows since millennials – healing of mind, body soul


Action – Petitions that have amazing positive impacts

–> Positive change – drops create ripple effects

408,044,416 people taking action already. Victories every day.

OFFSETTING OUR FOOTPRINT – Flight, Netflix, life:
– https://clickatree.com 
– green netflix –> https://www.plantyflix.com – plant nd chill while watching movies 

Charity/- products – supporting good projects

  • 4ocean
  • oceanRevolution + The ocean clean up
  • Ecosia,
  • The ocean clean up 
  • 2040 – the regeneration 

BOOKS by Charles > Website

  • My next reads:

    The Ascent of Humanity

    The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book describes how all the

Other Great, inspiring Books

    • Mastery of love
    • The alchemist
    • The why cafe – john strelecky
    • the four agreements – the fifth agreement
    • the celestine prophecy
    • —> My booklist with links soon – ish 🙂

The Stairway to Sustainable Empowerment

You may also asked yourself or the universe, where are all the good guys, projects, and solutions?! What can I do!?

Well, that’s the answer… There are endless amazing solutions and opportunities. Enjoy the world of positive, game-changing Projects and movements my friends.

For a more sustainable lifestyle, health, happiness, harmony, and our self Evolution. How can I help our Planet heal – Charles Eisenstein Video x3

This here is my stairway to regeneration, which elevates you towards your individual evolution, which also leads to a sustainable paradigm shift, for global healing and human Metamorphosis.

I wanna keep it short, you’ll discover what I mean by collective, sustainable evolution once you check these amazing game-changer and inspiration.

Namaste, in sustainable love, Benny

Welcome to the sustainability journey!

Great work you all! You are part of the solution, by going towards the right, more positive, and sustainable paradigm. It’s all about small, consistent steps, taking you along a better, more sustainable path!

2. My little Guide to more sustainability

– What can I do – and how I started

The easy guide to becoming more pro planet and connect to a better future for ourselves, through focusing solutions, positive people, places, and networks

2.1 – Be part of global change – http://www.yasmindavar.com/10-tips/

How I started –> Search these topics on Ecosia or google:

  • Connecting to positive people, de-weeding my life from negative, destructive things, thoughts and people
  • – (just start somewhere, what feels good)
  • searching with ecosia (the tree planting, game-changing search engine +web browser)
  • More healthy, sustainable consumerism, Fashion,
  • Green banking – Finance – Renewable energy
  • – Crypto-Blockchain (Ask me for more info)
  • Eco – Chemical-free Home and Living (Bath, Cleaning, Household…)
  • – Veggies, Curries, Nuts, Plant Milk, Brocolli…

1. Using ECOSIA‘s search engine

Video – What is Ecosia and how does it work

SUPPORT positive change – Be the positive change – for FREE!

– planting trees and supporting regeneration

– education for poor countries and farmers

More – Podcasts, Youtube – Channels

Sustainable inspiration and Daily empowerment:

  • Youtube – green swrm.
  • a Sustainable mind
  • yasmin davar – positive action empowerment
  • Following
  • Thesustainablist.com/home/eco-friendly-vacation
  • eyes on conservation – Podcast
  • Buildingsustainabilitypodcast.com
  • sustainableLifeapp.com/podcast
  • Environmentenlist.co – podcast, newsletter, blog
  • nordicsustainabilityInvestigator.com
  • Radiolab – applepodcasts

We provide lots of education on climate science and carbon emissions as well as actionable advice and tips. You can follow us here

  • Fb @GreenSwrm or our video content is here

they have amazing tips and suggestions

yasmin davar – positive action empowerment


  • Regeneration International
  • “Our peaceful planet” – book

#positivChange #changeyourlife #changeyourmindset

About our peaceful planet:


NEW FEATURE”Our Peaceful Planet” by, Yasmin Davar

‘Our Peaceful Planet’ contains extraordinary ideas that have the power to transform lives and the planet.

It provides a practical healing framework for the whole world, starting at

– how people can change the beliefs that cause them to be destructive in their own lives and in the world, to the actions that they can take to create global peace and environmental and economic sustainability.

– As each part of the world—beliefs, governance, environment, industries and economy—dynamically interacts

– Our Peaceful Planet provides a complete solution by considering all of those interactions in totality.

It contains big ideas for world leaders and #SOLUTIONARY ideas for everyday people,

-> because everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others, and to the world.

Blueprint for a regeerative, harmonic future

– It is a blueprint for the future in which everyone can play a role.💚________________________

Yasmin Davar reveals how:

• destructive, negative beliefs create pain

• step-by-step, to change beliefs to create peace in one’s own life and in the world

• to play a part in reshaping governance, industrial and economic systems to create the kind of world we all want to live in.

#peace #peaceInside #healthyPlanet #healthyPeople
– Our Peaceful Planet is for anyone wanting to create peace within their world.

Our Peaceful Planet is available through all good online bookstores.


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