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Qorn mycoprotein ~ Meat protein From Fungi

Meat like protein cultures, doubling in size every five hours.. “From nature for nature” ~ is the Companies “qorn” slogan. Big solution or dangerous and unhealthy fallacy? Lets do some research and see how good this can be. Im always open and Excited for another big solution that saves millions of acres of rainforest and farmland can be turned back into food and forests.

Recently, i heard about dairy cultures growing in the same way in fermentation silos, what would save billions of acres of toxic dairyland, whats nr one cause of earths climate desaster. (Next to fast fashion, destructive food industries shipping globally for subsidies…

Qorn mycoprotein process

“thru a fermentation process of mycorizzae and glucose plus other nutrients?”

What are the other nutrients? Are they good, organic, natural? Synthetic?

My notes

Trying to be good shepparts for the biology 🙂

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