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Becoming Limitless – Newest Science Proves We are Powerful Creators – see how

You may heard about dr. Joe dispenza, gregg braden, The Gaia foundation and all the Game changing revelations. Well, Here are a few Transformative Videos, that excite and blow my mind, Lets elevate yours and create ripple effects of wonderful, positive changes and manifestations!

Namaste, lots of love, Health, Constructive positivity, Your Regeneratling – Benny.

  1. Why We resist change – Alan Watts – YT Video
  2. Stepping away from the Programming – Bruce Lipton
  3. You can completely self heal – see the most astonishing science
  4. Transforming – gregg braden – How differently you would live if…
  5. Dr Joe Dispenza – Quantum Physics – “GOd within”

Incredible, Transformative Movies – Changed my life and millions others:

Biology of believe – book From Bruce Lipton

Abraham Hicks You have to hear this <3

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