Arc of real evolution

Questions i ask myself every day – attention towards abundance and experiences i want

How I am creating daily a new state of being, dialing into the possibilities and really feeling it. I am grateful, for the things that are coming. I am so thankful, for this life changing wisdom and science, we are able to use today. Combining it with meditation to become one with our bodies, mind, brain. Electromagnetic possibilities and frequencies that already exist in the quantum field.

Clear intention

Elevated emotion

Coherence mediation

Dialing into the radio station – the potentials i want to live.

1. What are my passions – what experiences do i love to have?!

What does my heart really feel?!

Creating elevated emotions.

What would it be like?

How would it feel, taste, touch,

Colours, Love, abundance.

Thoughts are electrical

Feelings are magnetic charge

Whatever we broadcast into the field, comes back when we feel the emotions.

Vortex of creation – Feeling like the dream already happened – because it did in one possibility already

Drawing the most wonderful and abundant experiences to us

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