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“Planting Water” Regenerating Semi-arid soil with Pioneer plants – no watering

This is so awesome! Regeneratiive Action! Project Planting water means regenerating poor, dry soil with Pioneer plants and restoring With Cactii and succulents, agave and aloe ??”There are endless Solutions, I want to be one of them <3

I even have the ideas to scale up with lots of innovative ideas and biomass spreading, to bring back life, carbon and Thriving plants and Forests or food forests with little nurseries and communities. Just need funding ??

The YouTube video about our awesome Restoration Project in semi-arid Soil and dry and hot Australia, Lightning ridge 🙂 Enjoy, Regeneration on, Benny

I always dreamed about the last years, to regenerate and being involved in Desertgreening or restoration Projects! Now in here, doing it, gracefully, excited and just blessed. Planting water and growing soil with regenerative practices, love and passion for a blossoming wonderful planet. Discover the Meaning and art planting water for regeneration for dry and hot areas

With planting water we mean planting pioneer plants like cactii, succulents and agaves or aloe vera, which is maybe most commonly known.

They are so called pioneer plants and succulents, because they grow easy and go first and longest in semi arid soil, where others die.

They also store a lot of water in their leaves, without having to be watered by us.

Whats the sense of that?

Well, after a year or so, we chop and drop them thick, watery leaves and cactii down and use them as mulch and kinda water reservoir, to create a good climate for the plants and seeds we go to plant after that.

Bottom line summary:

Meaning of planting water for dry and hot areas:

1. Plantimg cactii, succulents and fast growing plants, that store a lot of water and dont need watering, to then after one year, chop and drop the thick leaves, to mulch the ground and feed the soil.

2. After that We’re able to plant whatever trees, plants and seeds we want in our syntropic and regenerative methods.

Permanent, sustainable, regenerative. Syntropy ???

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