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Short Regeneration Movie – “Farmers are changing the world with REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE – Groundswell Short Film” YouTube

Massive regeneration, wonderful movies and the global, regenerative movement. Towarda a sustainable evolution my friends!!

Love ya heaps, focus and connect to the wonderful things!!

See how regenerative agriculture is changing and healing the world.

Top soil recovery, building ecosystems, holistic management, abundant food source and positive impact on many aspects.

Love it!!!!

Here are more movies and my playlist on youtube with lots of amazing, life enriching and game changing docus.

  • 2040 – regeneration
  • Kiss the ground
  • Fantastic funghi
  • Inhabit – a permaculture…
  • From the ground up…

My yt Playlist with the most wonderful movies and movements for regeneration and positive change.

-> Collection of the most game changing, inspiring and upliftingly empowering movies. Get positive vibes. Spread the love, hope and solutions! Thats truly life changing docus, movies and videos. Love ya. Cheers. Ubuntu.

In regenerative love, benny.

Paul stamets and joe rogan – Lions mane mushroom

How mushrooms become superfoods and lions mane, the superpower brain enhancer and creativity and healing remedy…

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