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Permanent Regeneration Solutions – Sustainable, harmonic and Healthy

Aloha Re-Generation,

let´s talk a bit about Sustainability – the ability to sustain permanently!

There are countless regenerative and holistic farming methods, using new and ancient beneficial technologies, what are not affecting our ecosystem negatively!

That´s what normal industrial agriculture is doing, by just taking everything out and poisoning our wonderful environment.

Destroying our home and our selves, burning down the forests and killing animals and humans for more caddle food production etc.

That´s just happening, by giving destructive companies your money, which is your lifetime, your energy, spending for destroying your home…

Think about that, it just needs a shift in mindset, then positive change can happen, step by step and imperfectly. No need to force or push yourself to totally trying to cut out everything.

  • Permaculture and creating sustainable ecosystems with the ability to sustain!

Discover how we can be healing forces and supporting nature, with tiny changes.

How you can be part of a flourishing future planet, by supporting good companies and creating a symbiotic relationship in harmony with our nature.

Regenerative Permanent farming Solutions, to solve our climate crisis, and reversing the damage industries have done. We are the regeneration – Its on you and me to support these amazing and powerful solutions and wonderful human beings as good as we can with tiny little steps <3

Looking at problems and the fires as a motivation to apply solutions and to be the regeneration generation!

Incredible Documentaries to blow your mind and show you the solutions for every challenge we´re facing!

There are amazing documentaries and movies about regenerative permanent agriculture and restorative, holistic farming and food production methods!

From food and plants growing on rooftops in cities, over to large scale restorative farming methods and hydrocultures!

Humans are awesome, let´s be awesome together <3

Definition of permanent agriculture:

Permaculture means Permanent agriculture

Culture – enrichment of the soil and nature, inspired by the work of the Japanese “Masanobu Fukuoka”. At first, permanent agriculture was thought as a resilient, stable and sustainable production system. In that respect, the goal was to produce food without damaging soils while reducing waste.

Permanent agriculture is defined as an integrated and progressive production system inspired by natural ecosystems. It is also an ethical way of thinking and a philosophy. It is built around ‘the triple-win solutions’ which are taking care of the Earth, taking care of people and sharing resources fairly. Permaculture is usually mentioned together with vegetable cropping, gardening and kitchen gardening.

Eye opening and motivating Documentaries

Showing us whats already possible and how amazing and global the solutions are!

Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it.

Ecosia – 2020 is the year of the trees

In sustainable love,


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