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Tooheys Regenerative Avocados growing in Harmonic Syntropy

Aloha, ever heard about Regenerative Organic Food? Or syntroic Agroforestry? My experiences and insights for you into the wonderful toohey Farm. This is where the wonderful, awesome avocados are growing with Regenerative Farming Practises. And Biodynamic preparation, love and passion.

We are the change with every Regenerative Purchase

Call us, if you want to support and retail these amazingly noroushing avos.

Regenerative Avocados, thats what we need!

Each avo, banana or pumpkin is supporting new Syntropic Food forests and Holistic Principles, that create more life and enhance biodiversity, health and well-being of all.

Win win for all!


1. Toohey farm, land and awesome, regenerative organic avocados

2. What is Regenerative farming and Syntropy

Discover, How Avocados and these Carbon sucking, ancient systems of evolution are the key Solution for a Living future planet and thriving humanity.

The awesome toohey avos – Support Regeneration in north Queensland by buying These syntropic, organic Avocados.

Every Avo supports new Food forests and Real, vibrant food, thats good for you and promoting a living future for all life on earth.


2kg = 10$ for second grade – some marks, but amazing inside!

Large premium package
(excellent grade)

47$ > for 4.7 Kg = delivered (included already $15- 19.50$ postage)

Medium package
$39 for 2.7Kg


Sneak peak into syntropic farming (agro forestry)

Kiss the Ground resources – Education and empowering videos <3

Syntropy means abundance in harmony, complex Diversity like our Ecosystems are naturally.

> Life is syntropy > Creation and diversity in balance.

Syn tropos + symbiosis +synergy

(Together in convergence, towards abundance and complexity.)

These avocados grow regenerative on the toohey farm in the table lands.

They are the best avos ive ever tastet and with every one you purchase, you support more regenerative food forests.

Our mission – Health for people and regeneration for the earth.

  1. Why Regeneartive / syntropy?
Restoring joy, pleasure and lifes abundance!

Farmers reduce Chemical inputs but increase quality of yields and profit. They improve society’s health because our food is now superior and full of minerals and nutrition. Our land and environment is managed so that our food, soil, water and air are no longer being destroyed.

  1. –> THESE ARE ALL REGENERATIVE Farming Practices > Syntropic/Permaculture/Biodynamic
  • Take a stand for regeneration – No more Chemicals
  • Say no to monocultures and pesticides
  • Support Regenerative food forests
  • A wonderful dedicated Family that brings change and inspiration to the old oaradigm of farming.
  • We are the change and you are the solution to a living planet too
  • By simply choosing food, thata produced by regenerative farms

Why farming needs to be syntropic > abundant and diverse:
Diversity brings resilience and health to people and planet.

Multy species bring not just a healthy soil and environmental benefits
Its bringing natural predators and a abundandt soil web.

Healthy soil > healthy plants
>Healthy people
Financial abundance through regenerative food forests
Syntropy also brings a huge variety of healthy food,

If planted in succession,
(always planting with life cycles of plants) knowing, how long the growth cycles take and planting then the next variety, where the pioneers bevore grew

Plus regenerative food forests have a abundance of food “produce”

We need regenerative farms
@2efarming @tooheyfarming

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