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How Regenerative Farming Will Save our Planet and What Role We need to Play

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Aloha Wonder!

“From The Ground Up”, A Short Video About Regenerative Farming and How Agriculture is Evolving, to save our planet, Home, and Humanity.

We can Feed Humanity With Regenerative Agriculture! 70% of The Food comes From small Farmers.

Industries Got created after the War, With chemical Pesticides…

They now Produce dead grains and crop for Animals…

Farmers can change to regenerative and Profit from it.

With a Regenerative Diet we are supporting them.

No More Industrial Meat… Not Good for you And killing the planet…

The switch step by step to Health for you and the Planet is Easy

More resilient, Healthy, Pesticide free yield.

Endless benefits, not just capturing The carbon and attracting bee, insects, birds…

  • Covering the ground –> No Soil erosion, Dust, Emission
  • The biggest Carbon sucking Machine – Plants – Roots – Nature
  • Soil

That also brings the rain back

–> Rain – Life – Survive – Thrive

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