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Syntropic examples ~ Regenerative food-Forests Syntropic Agroforestry Australia

Syntropic food abundance in the tablelands. Collected from my Instagram and one Youtube video.

Regenerative syntropy for a blossoming future. The Farming for the Future.

Regenerative food forests ~ Syntropic agroforestry and others:

Ig post 1

Ig post 2

= food, thats growing soil and life,
> attracts insects, birds,
> creates permanent habitats
> feeding the soil and worms,
> healthy soil bacteria, critters,
> healing and noroushing the earth, that grows us

Our first day on the phenomenal toohey farm!

The crew “awesome” arrived at @tooheyfarming

I am/we are sooo hapoy and excited!!

A regenerative food forest, thats one of the biggest solutions to many crisis’_______

#avocados #bananas #eucalypt

The most amazing syntropic food forest ive ever seen 

Now im honoured to work with these earth loving and regenerative empowering people.

All for the same mission:
Regenerative farming for healthy, organic produce.

Inspiration, positive change and REAL FOOD

Want to know more ?

#syntropicAgroforestry #foodforests #regeneration

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